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Air Georgian

Mississouga, Ontario, Canada

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  • Air Georgian is a Tier III codeshare with Air Canada
  • No longer operate atlantic Canada flights out of Halifax, those routes are now served by EVAS Air
  • Crew bases YYZ (CRJ and B1900) YYC (B1900 only) YUL (B1900 only) 
  • All CRJ routes depart/arrive YYZ 
  • Cities served from YYZ on CRJ; BWI, DTW, CLT, RDU, MKE, BNA, CVG, IND, YYG, MCI 
  • Cities served from YYZ on BEH; YZR, BDL, YGK, ROC, SYR, MDT 
  • Cities served from YUL on BEH; BDL 
  • Cities served from YYC on BEH; YXC, YQL, YQF, YXH
  • Also provides private charter flights to several cities from Nova Scotia, Alberta, Quebec and an extensive network from Ontario
  • Pilots progressing in equipment or status within Air Georgian will carry forward to level 2 of the new position (i.e. a FO being paid at level 2 or higher who upgrades to a captain position would be paid at level 2 on the captain scale until his seniority date, then would progress to level 3)
  • If a pilot changing equipment or status is being paid at less than level 2, he will progress to level 2 in the new equipment or status on his anniversary of his seniority or hire date
  • This page last updated: January 26, 2016 (Quicktake)
Total: 130
Active: 130
Furloughed: 0
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B1900D: 17
Citation II: 1
Hawker 800: 2
Premier: 2
Sovereign: 1
CRJ-100: 6
None listed
Is Hiring?: Yes


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Most junior captain date-of-hire: Mar 2011 (Direct entry captain hired Oct 2012)

401K Matching: No