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Elite Air

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  • ATC callsign "Mainer"
  • Corporate based Portland, Maine
  • Operationally based Mebourne, Florida and Portland, Maine
  • Home based
  • Part 121 domestic and supplemental.
  • Scheduled service from Florida to North East corridor.
  • Scheduled airports : Vero Beach (VRB), Melbourne (MLB), Newark (EWR), Portland (PWM), Ashville(AVL), Bimini (BIM), Halifax (YHZ)
  • Large NCAA Charter operation
  • Approximately 7 days on 7 off.
  • During NCAA charter season not unusual for 1-2 days off only between 7 day trips.
  • During Summer not unusual for upto 2-3 weeks off at a time.
  • Schedule is organised normally no more than one day in advance, sometimes same day.
  • Company buys commercial ticket for commute to work.
  • Captain upgrades are ability based not seniority.
  • Health Per month : Employee Only $0, Employee+Family : $966.92 , Employee+Spouse $628.40, Employee+children $387.96
  • Dental per month : Employee Only $0, Employee+ Family $63, Employee+Spouse $28.72, Employee+children $31.38
  • Vision per month : Employee Only $0, Employee+ Family $9.58, Employee+Spouse $3.72, Employee+children $3.52
  • Life insurance $25k at 0 cost to employee, $25k AD&D at no cost to employee other supplmental life and AD&D available
  • KCM for all crew
  • Upto 3 new aircraft in 2017, 2 CRJ 200s, 1 CRJ 700.
  • Updated July 14, 2017 
Total: 34
Active: 34
Furloughed: 0
None listed
CRJ200: 5
CRJ700: 4
CRJ-100: 2
None listed
Is Hiring?: Yes

Yes, First Officers only.  Must have ATP written - email resume to [email protected] 

None listed

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Pay Rate:

Credit Time:

Bid Periods:



First Officers start at $40,000 per year during training, no per diem until IOE.

Once IOE complete $50,000 per year. 

Captains start at $80,000 per year.  Note this time in seat not longevity.

$4,000 per year raise, however the goal posts have moved on this multiple times at the whim of the DO - there is no certainty on this.  Pay is not provided in writing so it can be changed at any moment at discretion of DO.

Most junior captain hired : June 2016


$35 per dayy



4 years longevity to become vested

2% match

401K Matching: Yes