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Kalitta Charters

Ypsilanti, MI

Company Website

  • DOD approved carrier
  • Two long-term DA-20 on contract 
  • Flies Worldwide 
  • Overtime pay is 2.5 hours or hours flown, whichever is greater 
  • Health insurance has 90-day waiting period 
  • ATC callsign: "Kalitta" 
  • Airline IATA code: K9 
  • All crews based in Ypsilanti, Michigan (KYIP) 
  • Began operations in 2001 
  • Provide passenger, medflight and cargo charters by contract or on demand
  • This page last updated: June 27, 2016 (Fleet, Hiring)
Total: 50
Active: 50
Furloughed: 0
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BE58: 1
DA20 cargo: 8
DA20 pax: 1
King Air 200: 1
Lear 36: 2
LEAR 35: 9
Is Hiring?: Yes

Hiring Captains and First Officers for Lears, Falcons, and Challenger 601-3R

Hotel is provided throughout training.

Kalitta Charters, LLC operates on 2 weeks on 1 week off, or 2 weeks on 2 weeks off

$500 per week during training. We are currently hiring.

Most Junior Captain hired: June 2016

For more information: http://www.kalittacharters.com/


CASS participant.

(Click and drag the sliders)

Pay Rate:

Credit Time:

Bid Periods:



The monthly guarantee is 51 hours.  

For pay purposes a month is 4 consecutive weeks (28 days).  

One calendar year will have 13 pay "months".  

First year pay PIC: $80.00/hr, first year pay SIC: $45.50/hr

PIC Pay: 5% raise through year 9, 3% year 10-11, then 2.5% year 12-13, 2% year 14-20. Pay scale tops out after 20 years.  

SIC Pay: 15% raise after year 1, 4% after year 2, 3% to year 5, then 1% subsequent.  Pay scale tops out after 10 years


$1.50/hr dom
$2.00/hr int'l


401K Matching: Yes