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  • JetBlue Airways pilots agreed to be represented by the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA)
  • 71% of of JetBlue’s 2,529 pilots voted to join ALPA
  • Interline agreements: Aer Lingus, Cape Air, American, South African, Emirates, El Al, LAN, Virgin Atlantic, Icelandair, Qatar, and TAM
  • Interline agreement with Hawaiian and Virgin Atlantic out of MCO, BOS, JFK and IAD
  • Agreement with Singapore Airlines out of EWR (EWR-SIN nonstops), and JetAirways throughout India
  • One-way codeshare Lufthansa onto JetBlue
  • 40 A320neo orders and conversion of 30 of the remaining 52 A320 orders to A321s
  • 2011-16: 38 E190 orders/78 options, Jetblue has lowered commitment to arrive at 60 E190 total (some aircraft/options to be sold)
  • Pilots on reserve are on a 2 hour call out and are not assigned a reserve start time until noon the day prior; call out time may change everyday as needed by crew services
  • JetBlue routemap
  • Junior Assignment add'l pay is 40% of pilot's base rate
  • Each pilot signs an individual contract
  • E190s have dual HUDs
  • JFK-based pilots get free parking at Lefferts Blvd (12 minute train ride to terminal 5); they also have the option to pay $33/day to park across from the terminal
  • Rigs: trip rig 3.5:1; duty rig 2:1
  • Night pay override $13/hr for flying between 0100-0500 base local time
  • The individual pilot contract does not include any of the medical insurance, retirement, or work rules
  • This page last updated: January 8, 2015 (Fleet)
Total: 3000
Active: 3000
Furloughed: 0

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A320: 130
A321: 12
E190: 60
Is Hiring?: Yes

A transition incurs a 2-year aircraft lock (E190 FO to A320 FO); an upgrade incurs a 2-year aircraft lock (A320 FO to E190 capt). 

JetBlue interview gouge.


Prelist by calling 888-538-2997, or visit a "Just Ask" service desk or a ticket counter (not a gate).

Offline pilots may list days, weeks or months ahead of time and can check in for flight via the web (use the jetblue App for the iPhone or Android) up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure time.

If a pilot is trying to catch an earlier flight and the pilot has a PNR for same city pairing that PNR can be rolled forward by the gate agent.

CASS participant.

As of Jan 2015: Update on Flight Deck and Cabin Jumpseat Listing via MyIDTravel (for OALs) All other airline (OAL) personnel with a reciprocal Flight Deck and Cabin jumpseat agreement with JetBlue can list themselves via myIDTravel. If the OAL personnel comes to the airport (ticket counter, gate, or JustAsk desk) to list, please list them and advise they can do so via myIDTravel going forward. If the OAL is unfamiliar with myIDTravel, please refer them to their Employee Travel Department for further assistance. Please keep in mind that it’s important to accommodate these requests as it may impact our reciprocal jumpseat agreements with OALs

JetBlue Airways PAYSCALES

  A320 A321 E190   
12   189 189 170   
11   186 186 168   
10   184 184 165   
9   182 182 163   
8   179 179 161   
7   177 177 159   
6   175 175 157   
5   173 173 155   
4   170 170 153   
3   168 168 151   
2   166 166 150   
1   145 145 131   
A320 E190     
12 128 115     
11 126 114     
10 123 111     
9 121 109     
8 118 106     
7 117 105     
6 113 102     
5 109 98     
4 104 93     
3 96 86     
2 81 73     
1 49 49     

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Pay Rate:

Credit Time:

Bid Periods:



Monthly guarantee: 70 hours
Reserve guarantee: 75 hours

All pilots will receive a 3.5% pay raise on January 1st 2015 and another 3.5% pay raise scheduled for January 1st 2016.

Pilots may sell their unused PTO back at 150% pay each month if you have 100+ hours.
Pilots receive 9.0 hours of PTO time per month at 0-5 years seniority
Pilots receive 10.5 hours of PTO time per month at 6-10 years seniority
Pilots receive 12.0 hours of PTO time per month at 11-15 years seniority

Pilots are paid an additional $13/hour of "night override pay" for flights between the hours of 0100-0500 base local time.

International override pay only applies to destinations that require special route qualification
$5.11/hr for Captains
$3.71/hr for FOs

Most Junior Captain Hired: October 2010


401K: up to 8%

401K Matching: Yes

A/B Fund: none

Other: Profit sharing: Currently 5%, BOD will determine percentage annually.