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Flight Express

Orlando, FL

Company Website

  • Flight Express operations are in the process of merging under AirNet's operating certificate
  • This page will be merged upon merger of operating certificates
  • World's largest operator of the Cessna 210
  • Pilots and aircraft located in 13 cities throughout the Southeast and Midwest
  • Transition from single-engine to multi-engine ranging from 8-12 months
  • $1,000 bonus paid upon completion of ground and flight training
  • Free accommodations during training
  • All pilots start in the Cessna 210
  • Pay varies with length of each run; varies between $23,400 and $43,600 for the first year pilot
  • Possible to make $51,480 annually flying a C210 or Baron
  • Paid vacations and holidays
  • On-demand air carrier in 26 states
  • Fleet of Barons and Cessna 210s
  • Headquartered at Orlando's Executive Airport (ORL)
  • Flight Express is owned by Bayside Capital, Inc
  • ICAO code: FLX
  • ATC callsign: "Flight Express"
  • This page last updated: May 13, 2013 (quicktake)
Total: 39
Active: 39
Furloughed: 0
None listed
BE55: 3
BE58: 23
C210: 58
None listed
Is Hiring?: Yes

Hiring. Job page. Pilot employment FAQs. Minimums: 1,200TT, Part 135 IFR mins. $90/day pay during training upon completion of check ride. $1,000 sign on bonus is to be returned if leave prior to 6 months.

No information.

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(disregard above pay calculator) PILOT PAY (from company web site): "Pilots make between $23,400 and $36,400 per year based on the run assigned. Pilots bid runs based on seniority, and the length of the duty day determines pay rate. All duty days of 7.5 hours or less pay $90 per day, and any time over and above 7.5 hours pays a $12.00 per hour of duty time, regardless of flight time. Example: A six-hour duty day pays the minimum of $75/day. Once your duty day goes to an eight-hour duty day your pay will be $12.00 a duty hour. So, a ten-hour duty day would pay you a $120.00." Most junior BE55 captain hired: (unknown)
$2/day (after 6 mo) $5/day (after 12 mo)

401K: none

401K Matching: Yes

A/B Fund: none