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Atlas Air

Purchase, NY

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  • Interviews held every month in NY or MIA.
  • Hired 340 in 2017
  • IAH base closes May 1st 
  • 767 ONT base opening 8/1/2018
  • Atlas has filed a lawsuit against their pilots in regards to the merger and negotiation process. 
  • Atlas Air Worldwide signed an agreement with Seattle internet retailer, Amazon, to operate 20 Boeing 767 for the company for ten years. 
  • Operates primarily long-term contracts with global airlines under ACMI or CMI. 
  • 250,000+ Total Block Hours in 2017
  • 48,983 Flights
  • 422 Airports in 103 Countries
  • 790 Charters Completed
  • 88 Unique Customers
  • IATA code: 5Y; ICAO code: GTI 
  • Junior Captain hire date
    • 747 CA 11/2014
    • 767 CA 11/2015
  • Most junior captain hired: April 2016 (737)
  • This page last updated: November 1, 2018 (Hiring)
Total: 1723
Active: 1723
Furloughed: 0
747-400: 4
747-400F: 27
747-8F: 10
767-200: 2
767-200F: 33
767-300: 5
767-300F: 33
B777: 6
Is Hiring?: Yes

Hiring classes of 24 every 3 weeks.

Plans to hire 390 in 2018, hiring into both the 747 and the 767. Company decides what aircraft they place you on.


  • Hold a current unrestricted ATP certificate with an airplane category multi-engine class rating and English proficiency endorsement 
  • Have a minimum of 1500 hours of total time o Military conversion of .3 per sortie
  • Have a minimum of 500 hours of turbine time 
  • Have a minimum of 1000 fixed wing or 500 hours with a 121 carrier 

Training travel: You will either have a ticket purchased for you to get to and from training or be reimbursed for mileage. Mileage will reimburse at 54.5 cents a mile up to $450 each way if you drive to training. 

>Apply with Atlas Air, Inc.

Contract became amendable September 2016.

>Apply with Atlas Air, Inc.

  • Atlas has filed a lawsuit against their pilots in regards to the merger and negotiation process.
    • On the labor negotiations front, and as the Union has already reported, both the Company and the Union have agreed on a protocol agreement that clears a path for direct negotiations for a single labor contract covering both Atlas and Southern crewmembers. The framework agreement is in place and will commence on July 6, 2017. We have dates set through the end of the year as we jointly work toward a successful contract.


CASS participant.

To view the Atlas and Polar flight schedules and list for a jumpseat go to: http://jumpseat.atlasair.com


  747-400 747-8 767   
12   213 213 179   
11   207 207 174   
10   201 201 169   
9   195 195 164   
8   190 190 159   
7   184 184 154   
6   179 179 150   
5   173 173 146   
4   168 168 141   
3   163 163 137   
2   159 159 133   
1   154 154 129   
  747-400 747-8 767   
12   149 149 125   
11   145 145 122   
10   141 141 118   
9   137 137 114   
8   133 133 111   
7   129 129 108   
6   123 123 103   
5   117 117 98   
4   111 111 93   
3   105 105 89   
2   100 100 84   
1   80 80 80   

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Pay Rate:

Credit Time:

Bid Periods:



During training pay is $1600.00 per month plus per diem of $2.40 an hour until leaving MIA 

Plan on 4 Months at $1600 a month, due to OE being backed up

First year pay begins upon completion of OE or four months from hire date, whichever occurs first. 

First year Guarantee is only 50 hours.

All travel and hotels to and from your base is imputed and taxed on your monthly pay statements.

Average crewmember monthly imputed income total - $410. The tax impact is dependent on where the crewmember lives and the number of exemptions that they claim for withholding purposes. This program is voluntary and a benefit, crewmembers can opt out.

Monthly guarantee: 62 hours

Reserve guarantee: 62 hours

Monthly Rig Pay: Monthly Rig is a guarantee of three and one-half (3.5) pay hours for twenty-four (24) hours away from base. Monthly Rig will be calculated by dividing the total number of hours away from base (TAFB) during the month by 6.857. 

Monthly Pay Calculations: Crew Pay hours are divided into work performed on scheduled workdays  and work performed on days off.

Pay Hours for work on scheduled workdays: Crewmembers are paid the greater of (1.) Pay Credits (Flight + DH + Training, etc),  (2.) Calculated Rig Time (CRT), commonly known as a Trip Rig or (3.) Minimum Monthly Guarantee. CRT is calculated based on Time Away From Base at a factor of 1:4.95, which pays 4.85 pay hours for each 24 hour period away from base (24 divided by 4.95). CRT is also paid while crews are on layover or reserve in base.

Additional Guaranteed Day Off Pay: If a crewmember volunteers or is assigned duty on a guaranteed day off, the crewmember will be credited with four (4) hours of pay in addition to the monthly guarantee and the hours flown on that day (either block or travel). Crewmembers must complete a full 20/30 day or 20/31 day work month prior receiving guaranteed day off pay.

Pay for Work on Days off: If a Crewmember performs duties, other than training, on days off he will be credited with the greater of pay credits (typically flight credit + deadhead credit) or Trip Rig plus “Extended Duty” pay of 2 hours for the first day, 4 hours for the second day, and 6 hours per day thereafter. Practically speaking, a 4 day Open Time trip would be worth about 30 pay hours.

Pay Hours for work on scheduled workdays: Crewmembers are paid the greater of (1.) Pay Credits (Flight + DH + Training, etc), (2.) Calculated Rig Time (CRT), commonly known as a Trip Rig or (3.).

Extended Pay Credit: Extended Pay Credit applies to those days a crewmember works in excess of twenty (20) days consecutively without returning to his Base. Extended Pay Credit is accrued at the rate of one and one-half (1.5) hours per day for each day in excess of twenty (20) consecutive days away from the Crewmember’s Base.



Gateway travel to and from base is provided (gateway travel is taxable). Hotel prior to duty for rest is also provided.



The 401(k) contribution is 50% matching up to employee contribution of 10% pay. (i.e. company contributes 5% of pay if employee contributes full 10% of pay)

401K Matching: Yes

A/B Fund: