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Quest Diagnostics

Reading, PA

Company Website

  • 1988- SmithKline Clinic labs began using C310’s to move specimens.  Acquired by Quest in 2000.
  • 45,000 Employees
  • 2014 company revenue at $7.4 billion
  • Named to Fortune Magazine's 2015 "World's Most Admired Companies" list in the Health Care industry category of "Pharmacy and Other Services"
  • Quest operates a fleet of  24 aircraft (LBQ) with  88 daily landings in 63 domestic locations. 
  • Flight Operations Is Stage III-IS-BAO registered (http://www.ibac.org/is_bao/is-bao-stage-3-sms)
  • Part 91 and Part 135
  • Single pilot all night shift runs.
  • Launches approximately 20 runs per night between all the domiciles.
  • Flight followers on staff dedicated to overseeing and supporting flights.
  • TBM 700’s to be phased over the next 10-14  months being replaced with PC12’s
  • Electronic flight bags utilizing ForeFlight.
  • All pilots issued an iPad mini and takes an iPad II on the run for use as a primary or back up. Both iPads have the same data installed.
  • All pilots are issued a company American Express credit card for expenditures.
  • XM weather and radio in all cockpits
  • IATA: LBQ 
  • Call sign: LabQuest
  • This page last updated: March 14, 2018 (Profile)
Total: 29
Active: 29
Furloughed: 0
None listed
BE58: 9
PC-12: 8
Phenom 100: 5
Is Hiring?: Yes

Hiring Captains and First Officers RDG and LZU

Requirements: Commercial single-engine, commercial multi-engine

For more information visit their website

Captain Minimum requirements

  • 1500 flight hours in specific aircraft type
  • 500 hours of multi engine flight time
  • 2500 hours of specific flight time preferred

Send cover letter and Resume via email  to: [email protected] or [email protected]

When emailing your resume and cover to please put the domicile or domiciles you are applying for in the subject line of the email

Process: Phone interview, Panel interview, Ride along on a Quest run, job offer

Baron training is conducted at SimCom in Florida (MCO) and Pilatus and Phenom training is conducted at FlightSafety in Texas (DFW).


Quest will allow intercompany jumpseating.

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Pay Rate:

Credit Time:

Bid Periods:



Captain: $70K per year with an additional 10% on top for a night shift bonus.  (Base pay negotiable with more experience)

All pilots also receive $50 cellphone reimbursement paid out over two pay periods every month

First Officer: Currently awaiting approval for a First Officer program

Scheduled Pay Raises: Typically will get yearly COLA raises. Yearly bonus on base pay depending on how well the company does. 1-5%

Monthly Line Holder Guarantee:

Typically 3-5 runs per week
Weekends/major holidays off
Duty days 6-10 hours
Flying 4-6 hours/night
Ability to swap work days with other employees

Reserve Details:

Typically anywhere from 0-5 days per month on standby

Vacation Time:
Date of hire - 15 days
1st anniversary - 20 days
4th - 24 days
8th - 27 days
11th - 30 days
15th - 32 days
20th - 34 days

Most Junior captain hired: August 2015 (KSUS)


Paid full salary during training with company paid hotel, airfare (To and From), as well as a rental car. All covered utilizing company paid American Express credit card.

Per diem during training is paid at $35/ day or utilize company card and expense meals up to $35/ day.

Baron training is conducted at SimCom in Florida (MCO) and Pilatus and Phenom training is conducted at FlightSafety in Texas (DFW).



401k match. 100% up to 5% base pay. Vested right away.

Also, Quest employees are offered a 15% discount on company stock.

401K Matching: Yes