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Anchorage, AK

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  • PenAir was established in 1955
  • Ravn Air Group purchased the assets of Peninsula Airways, Inc. and created a "new" PenAir that is officially a member of Ravn Air Group. The "new" PenAir wil ensure that the airline can continue to provide safe and reliable service while simultaneously creating better and more extensive travel opportunities for its customers. 
  • The acquisition of PenAir's assets by investment affiliates of J.F. Lehman & Company was approved by the US Depart. of Transportation ("DOT"). Assets are now complete.
  • As a subsidiary of Ravn Air Group, PenAir will keep its current name and continue to operate as a separate company under a separate FAA certificate. With the completion of the transaction, PenAir will be financially sound organization with a significantly enhanced ability to serve the state of Alaska.
  • HIRING specifically for ANC domicile (jobs page)
  • Anchorage pilots home EVERY night (no RON’s in AK route structure)
  • Applicants with an ATP will receive an additional $10,000 sign on bonus
  • Relocation reimbursement to Alaska is $5,000 upon completion of IOE
  • First Officers receive $15,000 annual retention bonus
  • Day trip schedules so you can sleep in your own bed every night
  • Preferential bidding to personalize your flight schedule
  • $5,000 pilot referral program
  • Company will cover the cost of ATP CTP if a new hire pilot meets the minimums*
  • Company provides Known Crewmember (KCM)
  • Advanced pay standing for Industry Experience Credit (see pay notes)
  • Advanced pay standing for Military Experience Credit (see pay notes)
  • Upgrades currently 18 to 24 months
  • Minimum Daily Credit – FOUR hours (flying or reserve)
  • 20 days of Paid Time Off/Sick Leave annually
  • Annual pay raises
  • iPad issued first day of class for the EFB program and study materials
  • Founded in 1955 by current family owners with one Taylorcraft
  • PenAir interview gouge
  • PenAir is short for "Peninsula Airways"
  • ATC callsign: "Peninsula"
  • IATA code: KS; ICAO code: PEN
  • This page last updated: April 16, 2019 (Pay Scales, Pay Notes)

*Details and restrictions apply. Contact Pilot Recruiter for more details.

Total: 27
Active: 27
Furloughed: 0
None listed
Saab 2000: 5
Is Hiring?: Yes

The Adventure is yours! Now Hiring!

New: First Officer's starting rate of pay is $50/hr.


Immediate opening for a full-time Aircraft Dispatcher.

Please go to our website to view full details.

Interested applicants must submit an online application; Ravn Air Group Pilot Recruitment makes contact for preliminary screenings. Approved candidates must complete an in-person or phone interview with the Hiring Manager, which includes a flight training device session. Successful candidates will receive a preliminary offer for a seat in the upcoming training class pending the results of a pre-employment drug screen and background check. For candidates who have not completed the ATP CTP, the course must be completed prior to the first day of class and is covered by the company.

Qualifications and Responsibilities are listed in the Job description on our website.

Click on the appropriate Job Description and complete our application. 

Any questions please contact [email protected]

Accepting applications now, apply on-line here

Location: ANC 

Skype interview

Minimums: ATP preferred, ATP-R or ATP requirements met

ATP-CTP course, ATP written, Travel, and Hotel paid for those not already ATP certified. Training from Pan Am Int’l Flight Academy.

Ground school and Cockpit Procedure Training at company headquarters in Anchorage – approx. 5 weeks. Hotel provided at company expense. 

Simulator at Pan Am Int’l Flight Academy in Miami or Orlando - approx. 2 weeks. Hotel provided at company expense. All pilots earn $50/day per diem.


KCM & CASS participants – Jump Seat agreements w/ all Legacy, Major, & Regional Airlines

List with gate agent for desired airline.


Saab 2000     
25 136     
24 132     
23 128     
22 124     
21 120     
20 117     
19 113     
18 110     
17 107     
16 104     
15 101     
14 98     
13 95     
12 92     
11 89     
10 87     
9 84     
8 83     
7 79     
6 75     
5 73     
4 73     
3 71     
2 71     
1 69     
Saab 2000     
8 72     
7 70     
6 68     
5 66     
4 64     
3 62     
2 60     
1 58     

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Pay Rate:

Credit Time:

Bid Periods:



$2,500 Pilot Referral Bonus – For current employees. Bonus paid once pilot successfully completes OE. Must complete a referral form. One referral per pilot.

New Hiring Bonus

$10,000 hiring bonus or $5,000 hiring bonus + ATP-CTP course + ATP written paid for those not already ATP certified (includes travel and hotel accommodations)

First Officer Retention Bonus

$10,000/yr, paid quarterly - $2500 on Jan 1, Apr 1, Jul 1, Oct 1

Industry Experience Credit

Prior years of 121 or Saab 2000 experience may be credited towards pay longevity up to 5 years.

Military Experience Credit

Honorably discharged from active duty military service in ANY career field compensated (up to THREE years) with pay longevity. Winged Military Aviators considered for additional credit on a case-by-case basis.

Line and Reserve Guarantee: 72 hours

Training Guarantee: We pay 2.5 hours/day X 7 days/ week at regular pay rate until end of ground school, then 72 hours/mo.

Minimum Daily Credit: 4 hours (Fly or Res)

Paid the greater of scheduled or actual time on a leg-by-leg basis

Paid parking in Pilot's domicile or in Pilot's commuting airport up to $100/mo.

Initial uniform paid by company; then $120/yr.1st year, then $185 yearly

Most Junior Captain (non direct entry)

ANC - hired 4/18

The above information is subject to change.  Contact Recruiter to confirm details.


$50 per day for overnight trips spent away from the assigned base

$38 per day for first and last day of travel



2% match 

401K Matching: Yes

A/B Fund:

A Fund: Yes

B Fund: No