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  • New hire First Officers can earn a $60,000 signing bonus, with total year one compensation up to $95,000
  • New hire Captain Qualified First Officers can earn a $50,000 signing bonus
  • Starting First Officer Pay: $38.01 per flight hour
  • Starting Captain Pay: 66.70 per flight hourr 
  • Captain Qualified First Officer pay: $52.35 per flight hour when flying as a First Officer and $66.70 per flight hour when flying as a Captain
  • Fast Captain upgrades, down to 12 months
  • Trans States is one of the original regional airlines, with over 35 years of experience and profitability in the regional airline industry
  • Mainline partner with United Airlines
  • Trans States serves over 4.5 million passengers a year, providing service to over 70 cities in North American with 250+ daily departures. 
  • Training: 90 days of training with in-house instructors in STL (Indoc through IOE)
  • IATA code: AX; ICAO code: LOF 
  • ATC call sign: "Waterski" 
  • Trans States Airlines pilots now have a direct pathway to Frontier Airlines.
  • This new Pilot Flow Program guarantees participating Trans States pilots a First Officer position with Frontier after as little as two years of service with Trans States.
  •  No additional interview with Frontier is required for pilots accepted into the program.
  •  Trans States Airlines will begin flying additional aircraft for United starting in October 2018.
  • Trans States entered into a three-year agreement with United to operate at least seven additional Embraer 145 aircrafts under the United Express regional service brand.
  • Currently seeking rotor pilots. Receive up to $50,000 to transition to fixed wing.
  • This page last updated: January 14, 2020 (Pay Scales)
Total: 600
Active: 600
Furloughed: 0
EMB145: 48
Is Hiring?: Yes

Trans States will fund up to $50,000 in fixed-wing training for rotor pilots who are short ATP minimums. Trans States will fund up to $40,000 for fixed wing pilots who need to build their hours for the ATP minimums.

Trans States is currently hiring First Officers and Captain Qualified First Officers (CQFOs). CQFOs are Captain-qualified pilots who can fly as either a Captain or a First Officer, depending on the airline’s scheduling needs.

Trans States interview gouge 

Trans States provides the ATP-CTP course for ATP or R-ATP eligible pilots, including travel and hotel accommodations.

Trans States offers three ways to interview:
1. Interview at corporate headquarters in Saint Louis (includes complimentary airfare)
2. Interview via Skype
3. Interview at a local recruiting event—same day air travel to a recruiting event interview will be provided if requested in advance.

If travel is not required, candidates may simply apply online via airlineapps.com, bring their logbook and a copy of their application, and then interview on the spot (advance appointments are recommended, but not required).

Visit TSA website and click on “Meet a Pilot Recruiter” to get the current list of recruiting events and locations.


CAAS approved for jump seating, Known Crew Member (KCM) badge.

Trans States Airlines PAYSCALES

18 109     
17 107     
16 104     
15 102     
14 100     
13 97     
12 94     
11 91     
10 88     
9 86     
8 83     
7 81     
6 79     
5 76     
4 74     
3 72     
2 69     
1 66     
8 47     
7 47     
6 47     
5 45     
4 44     
3 43     
2 40     
1 38     

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Credit Time:

Bid Periods:



Now offering up to $60,000 in signing and retention bonuses to new hire First Officers and $50,000 in signing and retention bonuses to new hire Captain Qualified First Officers.

Starting Captain Pay: $66.70 per flight hour

AVIATORS + Our Aviators+ program pays Certified Flight Instructors $5.00 per flight hour (up to $6,000) for each hour spent flight instructing.

Annual Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) of 1.5%

11 days off guaranteed for reserve

12 days off guaranteed for line holders

Monthly guarantee: 75 hours
Reserve guarantee: 75 hours

Lines built to 84 hours, on average

4.25 min day credit

Training pay: 100%
Premium pay: 150% - 300% depending on company’s need
Cancellation pay: 100% leg by leg, block or better, pay protected for assigned flying.
Deadhead pay: 100%

$25 monthly uniform allowance

Reserve transparency - ability to see schedules

Reserve scheduling flexibility - 7 days prior to reserve sit, pilot may add to their schedule
Generous Commuter Policy with four paid commuter hotels per month - requires only two scheduled flights on any airline in either the jump seat or cabin seat to get to work; unlimited use of commuter policy without punitive action.

After one year, 7 days of vacation are accrued, with the number of days increasing with years of service.

$10,000 per pilot referral bonus (for successful pilot candidates)

Up to $1,200 annually in profit sharing through the PAYS Shared Rewards program.

Great health care coverage with low deducible provided by United Healthcare

Dental provided by Delta Dental Accidental life and dismemberment provided at 1.5 x annual salary, with additional coverage optional

Company paid parking in base and a parking stipend for commuters

Company paid IPad for EFB

Tuition Reimbursement through University and Flight Academy Partnerships Programs 

Most Junior Captain Hired:

DEN 02/19
ORD 12/18
RDU 09/15
STL 11/17





$.50 for $1 up to 8% pilot contribution

401K Matching: Yes

A/B Fund: