Regional Jet Aircraft

CRJ 200

Published: 01-17-2006
Designed to provide superior efficiencies to small operators and major airlines alike, the Bombardier CRJ100 /CRJ200 aircraft has firmly established itself as the world's quietest and most environmentally friendly commercial jet aircraft. The aircraft's 50-seat capacity and low trip cost - fuel burn is 10% less than its nearest competitor - allow airlines to provide jet services on routes where low load factors make larger jet aircraft unprofitable (Source:

CRJ 700

Published: 01-17-2006
The sequels to the most successful regional airliner ever. The 64- to 70- passenger Bombardier CRJ700 Series 701 and 75-seat Bombardier CRJ700 Series 705 are members of the highly successful Bombardier CRJ family of regional jets (source:

EMB 145 / EMB 140

Published: 01-17-2006
A pressurized jet for regional transport, the ERJ 145 is characterized by its high performance and low operating costs. Available in Extended Range (ER), Long Range (LR) and Extra Long Range (XR) versions (Source:

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