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Surf Air

Santa Monica, CA

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  • Surf Air is a California-based airline that offers unlimited flights (billed as "all-you-can-fly") for a fixed monthly fee. It charges $1,950 per month plus a $1,000 signup fee.
  • Surf Air flies to 12 cities within California and operates up to 90 flights per day
  • San Diego (MYF) to Hawthorne service to begin by Q2/Q3
  • Surf Air announced the sale of its 3,000th membership in June 2016
  • Operations into Santa Ana, San Diego, San Luis Obispo, Mammoth Lakes, and Bakersfield are being sought after
  • In May 2016, Surf Air took delivery of 2 PC-12NGs phasing out the remaining 2 “legacy” (PC-12/45) aircraft 
  • All future deliveries will have the 5 blade propeller. 
  • 3 additional aircraft ready for delivery that will complete the original order of 15 aircraft placed in 2014
  • Options for 50 aircraft. 
  • All aircraft have 2 iPads
  • ATC callsign: “ROAM” (ROM) 
  • Airline established June 2013 
  • This page last updated: June 22, 2017 (Pilots, Hiring)
Total: 58
Active: 58
Furloughed: 0
None listed
PC-12: 12
Is Hiring?: Yes

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*New hire class beginning July 2017

Captain hiring minimums:

-Air Transport Pilot (ATP) License
-FAA first class medical (or able to obtain one before training)
-Valid driver's license
-Impeccable safety record
-Previous 121/135 experience
-2000 total time
-100 turbine time

Prefered Qualifications:

- Previous PC-12 experience
- CRM experience

First Officers minimums:

- Commercial Pilot License with Instrument rating
- FAA first class medical (or able to obtain one before training)
- Valid driver's license
- Impeccable safety record
- 800 total time

Preferred Qualifications:

- Previous PC-12 experience
- Previous 121/135 experience
- CRM experience

Hiring process:

Your application is typically followed up with a phone interview. If successful, you are invited to Santa Monica for a formal interview split into 2 parts- HR and Tech Ops.  

Interview gouge: http://willflyforfood.com/pilot-interviews/240/Surf-Air.html


Hotel and rental car are provided during training
No training contract
40 hour CBT training to be completed before class starts.
Groundschool conducted at HHR. 10 days total.
Simulator: In DFW at Flight Safety. 5 days total - 4 lessons plus the oral and checkride on the 5th day.  
Start of groundschool to checkride is typically 18-21 days.

IOE-  Captains typically receive 3 days of IOE followed by a PIC linecheck.  FOs receive at least 1 day of IOE.

Pilots with a regular line are home every night. All trips end in domicile. Reserve pilots may see occasional overnights, but usually not lasting more than 2 nights in a row.

Upgrades based on seniority and merit excluding street captains.

Surf Air First Officers will be eligible for upgrade once they have logged a minimum of 1500 hours total time and meet all ATP requirements.

Please submit resumes to - [email protected]


No. Surf Air pilots have a cabin jumpseat agreement on Virgin. 


5 79     
4 76     
3 73     
2 70     
1 61     
5 47     
4 45     
3 44     
2 42     
1 36     

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Pay Rate:

Credit Time:

Bid Periods:



Pilots are paid $125 per day during training (1099 contract status) until successful completion of the checkride

Monthly Pay Guarantee for Line Holders:  72 hours
Monthly Pay Guarantee for Reserves: 72 hours

Minimum Pay per day guarantee: 4 hours

Reserve Details:  System Reserve (SR) and Base Reserve (BR) Duty Periods each carry four (4) hours pay credit. SR and BR pilots assigned any company duty during reserve periods will be credited four (4) ahours or the scheduled block hours of assigned flying, whichever is greater.

Reserve days will be built into your schedule as is currently being done. A reserve day is still worth 4 hours and days may be filled in to bring a pilot's schedule up to 72 hours for the month.

Two calendar days prior you will be assigned a start time for your reserve shift and will be on call for a total of 12 hours. If assigned a trip toward the end of your reserve shift your total duty day may be longer than 12 hours, however, you will not be on call for more than 12 hours.

All pilots will be paid "block or better" per duty period.  If at the end of the day your actual total block is greater than the scheduled block, you will be compensated for the greater of the two.

Most junior NorCal captain (upgrade): August 2016
Most junior NorCal captain (street captain): Feb 2016
Most junior SBA captain: Oct 2015
Most junior SoCal captain (street captain): Dec 2016
Most junior SoCal captain (upgrade): Feb 2016
Most junior CRQ captain: Aug 2013


401K Matching: No