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Search our airline database to see who's hiring, pay comparisons and more!

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Unraveling the Mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

So, what may have happened to Malaysia Airlines flight MH370? We asked APC members to comment on some of the popular theories, including the more crazy ones, which have been circulating in the media.

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How Long to a Captain Upgrade?

On most of the airlines' pages in our database, APC includes a notation of "Most junior captain hired: (date)." This info is valuable for a few reasons. It shows how long it has taken the most junior captain at the airline currently to reach that seat. Simply subtract the date of hire from the date today, and you'll know approximately how many years it's taking new captains to upgrade.

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Who's been hired?
In Major

AA, May 6th 17,700 TT, 13,900 PIC Mix of 91, some 135, mostly 121 flying ...

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US Airways Calls
In Major

About 500 in the last year military heavy international, prior 121 pilot, masters degree, female, li ...

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American interviews and class dates
In American/US Airways Merger

There are a ton of high time military instructors and evaluators who are probably the best candidate ...

Replies: 2009 | Views: 488918
Omni Air
In Charter

Only the FAA can revoke your type rating. Not true depending on how the training program is struc ...

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