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Search our airline database to see who's hiring, pay comparisons and more!

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Unraveling the Mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

So, what may have happened to Malaysia Airlines flight MH370? We asked APC members to comment on some of the popular theories, including the more crazy ones, which have been circulating in the media.

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How Long to a Captain Upgrade?

On most of the airlines' pages in our database, APC includes a notation of "Most junior captain hired: (date)." This info is valuable for a few reasons. It shows how long it has taken the most junior captain at the airline currently to reach that seat. Simply subtract the date of hire from the date today, and you'll know approximately how many years it's taking new captains to upgrade.

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What's the Latest at ASA/Expressjet?
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Hows reserve over with you guys at XJT? about how many hours a month do you guys fly? just curious. ...

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Tool of the day
In Major

im not sure which one from my two leg commute this morning was more tooly, the captain who at 7am on ...

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DAL Poolie Info
In Major

Thumbs down on the current slow down of OTS. And to be clear, I'll give a big thumbs up to increa ...

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Comair updates?
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Go over to AviationInterviews.com and see what kind of times people have. I saw a few gouges on ther ...

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