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Wilmington, OH

  • The pilot domicile is the Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Airport, KCVG.

  • ABX’s primary business is to provide aircraft, including crews, maintenance and insurance, (ACMI), to DHL and Amazon.  Cincinnati is a hub for both DHL and Amazon.

    Over 50% of ABX’s flying is at night in the United States.

    ABX also flies daily to Columbia, Panama, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico.  ABX flies regularly to Europe and will fly ad hoc anywhere in the world.

    ABX in not home based, however, there is a no-risk commuter policy for pilots coming to work on any airline in the DHL or Amazon systems.

    Transportation to training is provided.

    You will receive full pay and per diem during training.

    You will be provided a single occupancy room for training.  This is usually an extended stay suite with a kitchenette.

    Training is usually conducted at the corporate headquarters in Wilmington, Ohio.

    The training takes 7 weeks, culminating in a 767/757 type rating and an unrestricted ATP.  There are usually no breaks in training, other than two days off per week.

    The pilot’s contract provides for yearly step increases plus longevity step increases.  Combined, these result in a 50% pay increase after one year, another 18% pay increase after the second year, and a 5% pay increase at the end of the third year.  $89.01 per hour in the first year.  $133.49 per hour after one year.  $157.74 per hour after two years.  $165.96 per hour after three years.

    New Hire classes are scheduled for each month in 2023.

    Start the hiring process at:  https://www.abxair.com/careers

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Total: 272
Active: 272
Furloughed: 0
767-200: 11
767-300: 14
Is Hiring?: Yes

Minimums:  Unrestricted ATP, AMEL

First Class Medical Certificate

FCC Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit

English Proficient

Authorized to live and work in the United States

Preferred Minimums:   College Degree.  700 hours in transport category turbojets


Call 800-736-3973 (9am-5pm EST). The jumpseat desk extension is 6-2563 during business hours. Call Flight Control at extension 6-2450 after hours. CASS participant.


12 287     
11 281     
10 274     
9 267     
8 260     
7 253     
6 246     
5 239     
4 230     
3 223     
2 192     
1 150     
12 194     
11 190     
10 186     
9 182     
8 177     
7 172     
6 167     
5 162     
4 156     
3 151     
2 130     
1 89     

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Pay Rate:

Credit Time:

Bid Periods:



Monthly Guarantee: 65 hours

Monthly Guarantee on Reserve: 65 hours

There are 12 bid periods per year, each 30 or 31 days in duration.

Every bid line is built with a minimum of 14 days off.

There are a variety of bid lines.  Commuter bid lines with 16 or 17 straight days at work.

                                                            Commuter bid lines with two blocks of 8 or 9 days at work.

                                                            Live-in-domicile bid lines with three blocks of 5 or 6 days at work.

Every pilot holds a known bid line, either flying or reserve.  You know your days off every month.

There is a bid adjustment period where you may be able to move your workdays and off-days around.

During the bid period, you may be able to pick up additional workdays with a minimum of 4.5, 6.0, 7.0 or even 8.0 hours of additional pay per day above your guarantee.

Junior Manning is rarely used.  This is forced flying on your days off.  The minimum pay is 7.0 hours above guarantee for the first day, and 6.0 hours for each additional day.

Vacation days can be slid over workdays.  A vacation period of 7 days means you will drop 7 workdays.

In December, our busiest flying month, some bid lines may have 13 days off, with a minimum guarantee of 69.5 hours.

If at all possible, a round-trip commercial airline ticket is provided from anywhere in the world so that you may spend Christmas at home.


Per Diem is a flat $55 per day away from your domicile domestically, $82.95 internationally and $92.75 for the Pacific Rim.



Defined Contribution of 5% of gross compensation

Up to 3.5% of earnings in addition to company Defined Contribution

401K Matching: Yes

A/B Fund:



The company automatically contributes an additional 5% of your earnings to your 401(k) account.

The company will also match 100% of your contribution up to 3.5% of your earnings.

Net, the company will contribute an additional 8.5% of your earnings to your 401(k).