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73 Airline CEOs Sign New Safety Leadership Charter

Published: 06-18-2024
Photo by Hanson Lu on Unsplash 73 Airline CEOs Sign Onto New Safety Leadership Charter Safety is in the spotlight in the aviation industry. A rise in runway collision near-misses and the negative press around Boeing has put airline safety in the public consciousness, despite the fact that it is safer

70 Years of Boeing Commercial Passenger Planes

Published: 06-04-2024
Photo by John McArthur on Unsplash 70 years ago, Boeing introduced its first commercial passenger jet in May 1954. The Model 367-80 would take Boeing from a player in the military space to a global leader in commercial aviation. Today, Boeing seems beset by problems. Safety and manufacturing woes are

US Congress: Pilot Retirement Age Stays the Same

Published: 05-14-2024
Congress kept the retirement age for pilots, but a new bill adds a lot of safety regulations.

Summer Air Travel Uncertain Due to Boeing and Airbus Production Issues

Published: 04-30-2024
Will Boeing and Airbus production delay your work this summer?

Why is Southwest Airlines Having Hiring Problems?

Published: 04-09-2024
Photo by Owen Lystrup on Unsplash After receiving extensive criticism from its pilots union in late 2023 due to flight cancellations and delays, Southwest Airlines is once again facing a pilot problem. This time, Southwest’s problem comes in its plans for future hiring. Southwest recently announced

American Airlines Grows Fleet with Order of 260 Aircraft

Published: 03-19-2024
What will American Airlines pilots be flying?

Will China’s Comac C919 Dominate the Skies of the Future?

Published: 03-05-2024
Is the Comac C919 a legit contender for Boeing and Airbus?

Should the FAA Take an Active Role to Improve the Flight Experience?

Published: 02-21-2024
Is this part of FAA's domain?

Commercial Aviation Needs to Tackle GPS Spoofing

Published: 02-06-2024
Photo by Maël BALLAND on Unsplash For the aviation industry, GPS spoofing—a hostile technique that involves using fake signals to trick Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers—has become a major threat. Conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine have only increased the threat of this threatening

The “Safe Airspace for Americans” Act is Not What You Think

Published: 01-24-2024
Do you want to believe?

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