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Amerijet International

Miami, FL

  • Amerijet has been operating for 49 years.

  • Wholly owned by ZS Fund L.P. with Joe Mozzali as CEO
    Operating 15 B767-200/300, 6 B757-200 all-cargo aircraft
    Approximately 1/3 of operations are from Amerijet's own cargo hub in MIA to markets throughout The Caribbean, Europe, and Latin America 
    Flying to China from the US 9 times per week
    Initial training done in MIA
    All Pilots are home-based, positive space travel to/from trip pairing 
    All flying is bid by seniority for lines of flight
    28-day and 56-day bids available
    16 on / 12off per 28 day-day bid period or 32 on / 24 off (not consecutive/split proportionally) per 56-day bid period
    Monthly guarantee 74 hours, including new hire training
    Flying on a day off always pays 150%
    Reserve Details:
    4 Reserve categories available
    Reserve shifts are built into regular lines
    Each reserve period earns a minimum 4.625 hours pay credit
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Company Website

Total: 260
Active: 260
Furloughed: 0
757-200: 6
767-200: 4
767-300: 8
767-300F: 3
None listed
Is Hiring?: Yes

Apply online at


Pilot Hiring Minimums:

  • Excellent communication skills and quick and accurate decision making
  • Must be within the age limits as per the FAA FAR part 121. 
  • Ability to work varying hours of the day or night, on weekends and holidays. 
  • Hold a current unrestricted ATP certificate with an airplane category multi-engine class rating and English proficiency endorsement
  • Valid First-Class Medical Certificate
  • Hold an FCC Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit.
  • Ability to learn and work with EFBs
  • Must be able to fluently speak and understand English
  • Hold a valid unrestricted passport
  • Have a minimum of 1500 hours of total fixed-wing pilot time.


Pilot Hiring Process:

·        Phone screening

·        Pilots Record Database record review

·        Virtual interview (if qualified)

·        Conditional Job Offer (if successful)


What are the procedures for listing?

  • Each individual requesting access to the flight deck jumpseat must present his or her aircraft operator employee ID and employee ID number to the OCC via email or phone a minimum of 24 hours prior to transport to reserve space.
  • Once approved, it is required that the individual jumpseating reports to the station at least 90-minutes before departure time.

What phone number should jumpseaters use?

1.      Crew scheduling contact info : 305-704-9650

2.      Email address : [email protected]

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Pay Rate:

Credit Time:

Bid Periods:



Monthly Pay Guarantee for Line Holders: 74

Monthly Pay Guarantee for Reserves: 74

Scheduled pay raises: 3% each year on the Anniversary Date of the Agreement (June 26, 2024, and June 26, 2025)

Domestic Per Diem (Hourly):

·        $3.10 based on new agreement date of signing

·        $3.20 based on new agreement date of signing + 1 year

·        $3.30 based on new agreement date of signing + 2 years


International Per Diem (Hourly): N/A

International flight pay override:

$5.00/hr Captain

$3.00/hr First Officer




401K Matching: Yes

A/B Fund:

4% date of signing

6% DOS+1

10% DOS+2


16 days on/12 days off (includes travel to/from assignment)

All Pilots are home-based and travel to/from work is positive space – company paid

28-day and 56-day bid periods

New hire pay 74-hour guarantee, single occupancy hotel (MIA)

Flying on a day off always pays 150%

Reserve Details:

4 Reserve categories available

Reserve shifts are built into regular lines