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  • Atlas Air is hiring pilots immediately for all fleets; 737 • 767 • 777 • 747
  • Learn more here: https://bit.ly/2Zgxkv0
  • Benefits for Atlas Pilots include:
  • Company Paid Commutes: Fly to and from work from anywhere you choose in the U.S.
  • Competitive Pay: Potential to earn big right from your first year
  • Fleet Choice: From 737 to the Queen of the Skies we have more 747Fs than anyone
  • Flexibility: Choose fleets that fly domestic or international routes to fit with your life
  • Atlas operates the world’s largest fleet of 747 freighters, along with large fleets of 777s, 767s and 737s that play a key role in our customers’ operating networks and in the world’s supply chain. With over 68,000 flights a year to more than 300 destinations globally, we connect producers to consumers, generating economic growth, jobs and market stability.
  • Atlas Air Worldwide has a new agreement with its pilots that provides them with significant pay increases and benefits.  Pay increases and the remaining terms and conditions of the new five-year agreement will be implemented in the coming months in collaboration with the union.
  • The Atlas Gateway Travel continues under the new agreement, giving pilots the freedom and flexibility to live where they choose, and commute to work with company paid air and hotel at their base. If you live in a US residence that is more than 130 miles away from your base, you are eligible for our Gateway Travel program.
  • Atlas Air is holding interviews for 747, 777, 767 and 737 First Officers. Experienced representatives from our HR and Flight Operations teams are ready to discuss your experience and the career opportunities at Atlas air. Learn more here: https://bit.ly/2Zgxkv0
  • All candidates must meet the minimum qualifications. 
  • 2,500+ total pilots
  • Customers include some of the world's leading airlines, express and e-commerce providers - AeroLogic, Amazon, Asiana Cargo, Cathay Pacific Cargo, EL AL, Inditex, Qantas, DHL Express, FedEx, SF Express and UPS; air charter specialist Chapman Freeborn
  • Governments, nongovernment organizations 
  • Major freight forwarders - DHL Global Forwarding, Agility, CEVA, Expeditors, Hellmann, Kuehne+Nagel, Nippon Express, Panalpina, DB Schneker and UPS SCS, among others. 
  • CMI customers include Amazon, Boeing, DHL Express, MLW Air and Nippon Cargo Airlines. 
  • Operates primarily long-term contracts with customers under ACMI or CMI.
  • In 2020, Atlas operated 68,000 flights to 317 destinations in 74 countries 
  • Bases 747: MIA, LAX, JFK, ANC, CVG, ORD, MEM Bases 767: JFK, ONT, CVG, TPA Bases 777: CVG, LAX, MIA Base 737: CVG
  • Operating Fleet: 100 
  • 54 – 747s
  • 9 – 777s
  • 29 – 767s
  • 8  – 737s
  • IATA code: 5Y; ICAO code: GTI
  • Atlas Air schedules will not exceed a maximum of 17 days of work, with substantial premium pay offered for Open Time pickups.
  • Hotel accommodations and per diem provided during new hire training in Miami.
  • Learn more and apply: https://bit.ly/2Zgxkv0
  • This page was last updated: March 11, 2022 (Quicktake)
Total: 2500
Active: 2500
Furloughed: 0
737-800: 8
747-400: 44
747-8: 10
767: 29
777: 9
Is Hiring?: Yes

• Hiring classes of 24 every 3 weeks.


• Hold a current unrestricted ATP certificate with an airplane category multi-engine class rating and English proficiency endorsement*

• Hold a current FAA First Class Medical Certificate

• Hold an FCC Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit

• Hold a valid passport with no restrictions on international travel

• Legally authorized to work in the United States

• Have a minimum of 1500 hours of total time

  • Military conversion of .3 per sortie

• Have a minimum of 500 hours of turbine time

• Have a minimum of 1000 fixed wing or 500 hours with a 121 carrier

• Minimum age of 23 (all Atlas pilot positions are subject to FAA 121 mandatory retirement regulations)

• Have the ability to pass a 10 year security background check and a DOT pre-employment test.

*Note: ATP issued with a CIRC APCH-VMC Only limitation are acceptable.


CASS participant.

To view the Atlas and Polar flight schedules and list for a jumpseat go to: https://www.atlasair.com/contact-us/jumpseat-courier-programs/


  737 777 747 767   
12   224 288 295 280   
11   218 281 288 273   
10   213 274 281 267   
9   208 267 274 260   
8   203 260 267 254   
7   198 254 261 247   
6   193 248 254 241   
5   188 242 248 236   
4   184 236 242 230   
3   179 230 236 224   
2   175 225 230 219   
1   171 219 225 213   
  737 777 747 767   
12   152 195 200 190   
11   148 191 196 186   
10   145 186 191 181   
9   141 181 186 177   
8   138 177 182 172   
7   134 173 177 168   
6   131 168 173 164   
5   128 164 169 160   
4   125 160 164 156   
3   122 156 160 152   
2   105 129 129 122   
1   92 92 92 92   

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Pay Rate:

Credit Time:

Bid Periods:



First Year Pay Structure - Establish $92 an hour for all fleets Increase first year pay by 3% each year in line with other pay scale increases - New hire pay begins on first day of training at 64 hours of guarantee per a month plus per diem (Conus) $2.85/hour x 24 hours a day

Grandfather in existing first year pilots (2021 Hires) to preserve higher pay rate (B777 and B747) Regular Line PAY: Monthly guarantee: 64 hours Reserve guarantee: 64hours Pay Hours for work on scheduled workdays: Crewmembers are paid the greater of (1.) Pay Credits (Flight + DH + Training, etc), (2.) Calculated Rig Time (CRT), commonly known as a Trip Rig or (3.) Minimum Monthly Guarantee. (4.) Bid Line Guarantee – the value set in the monthly bidding materials CRT is calculated based on Time Away From Base at a factor of 1:4.95, which pays 4.85 pay hours for each 24 hour period away from base (24 divided by 4.95). CRT is also paid while crews are on layover or reserve in base. All over guarantee (including work on days off pay), and per diem is paid on the last pay cycle of the month after. Ex: January per diem and over guarantee paid on February 28th (second pay check of the month). Pay for Work on Days off: If a Crew member performs duties, other than training, on days off he will be credited with the greater of pay credits (typically flight credit + deadhead credit) or Trip Rig plus “Extended Duty” pay of 2 hours for the first day, 4 hours for the second day, and 6 hours per day thereafter. Practically speaking, a 4-day Open Time trip would be worth about 35 pay hours. Per Diem Modification (2021 CONUS $2.75, OCONUS $3.25)

$0.10 per diem increase each January 1st through January 1, 2026. Increases do not continue past 2026 unless negotiated in later agreements Article 33 Flying to hostile areas or infectious disease areas is voluntary and compensated at 175% of pay. Establish Ultra Long-Haul Provisions

Flights that are not Article 33 flights

Single flight in a duty period

In excess of 16 hours scheduled block time - Only one loadmaster and one mechanic are allowed to deadhead - Allowed up to 20 hours of duty scheduled and 22 hours of duty operational

Pays 125% Industry Standard Long-Term Disability - 60% of income insured from 120 days after the disability until age 65 - $10,000 a month insurance payment limit 

A buy-up option offered to a monthly payment of $15,000 at the individual pilot’s cost - Buy-up option offered at a discounted group rate - LTD benefits imputed on each paycheck to ensure a tax-free insurance payout

Two years of service for LTD eligibility Enhanced 401(k) 10% matching contribution on all pre-tax dollars up to the government limits based on your gross pay so to receive the full 10% match for 2022 you have to contribute $20,500 and gross at least 205k. 2% defined contribution of total gross pay


$2.75/hour (CONUS), increasing by $0.10 each January

$3.50/hour (OCONUS), increasing by $0.10 each January

Gateway travel to and from base is provided (gateway travel is taxable). Hotel prior to duty for rest is also provided



The 401(k) contribution is a 100% match  of employee contribution up to 10% of eligible earnings, subject to IRS limitations.

Company will also contribute an amount equal to two percent (2%) of eligible earnings to the pilot’s 401(k) account.

401K Matching: Yes

A/B Fund:



50%  payout of unused sick bank at retirement.