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Everts Air Cargo

Fairbanks Alaska

  • Excel at Everts, and enjoy high pay, great benefits, and the flexibility that comes with a privately owned family business run by the owner, life-long Alaskan and pilot, Robert Everts.

  • Everts Air Cargo (EAC) is a 121 Industry Leader in operating MD-80 All Cargo Aircraft in North, Central, and South America, including the Caribbean. We have bases in Anchorage, Alaska, and Laredo, Texas. Anchorage-based pilots have the unique opportunity to have both an amazing flying career and a strong family life.  Our pilots fly throughout Alaska, and, with very few exceptions, come home to their family every evening. EAC’s stable and progressive 30-year history demonstrates the vision and ingenuity that led it to become one of the top 121 carriers in Alaska. We were one of the first 121 carriers in the nation to introduce a full-scale SMS program, and the first airline in the nation to operate MD-80’s in an All-Cargo configuration. We continue to expand our fleet and infrastructure each year to advance our mission and programs while fostering our workforce. We take aviation seriously and have a great deal of fun along the way.


    Everts is leading the cargo industry in pilot pay for narrow-body aircraft.  Skilled pilots with leadership skills, and dedication can expect to be brought in at higher rates of pay. Pilots with previous MD-80 and/or 121 experience will receive higher pay commensurate with their experience.  Pilots at the early stages of their careers with strengths in mentoring and communication can expect quick upgrades and take advantage of openings for Line Check Pilots and Instructors.


    All Flight Crew members will benefit from a solid work life balance and receive a competitive rewards package, professional development opportunities, and the excitement that comes with working for a forward-thinking organization.


    Incentive package applied to ALL L48 revenue trips:

     CAPTAINS – Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00), per trip (completed); and

     FIRST OFFICERS – Two Hundred Fifty Dollars ($250.00), per trip (completed).


    B-727 is flown in partnership with the Zero G Corporation and the L48.

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Total: 62
Active: 62
Furloughed: 0
None listed
727: 1
C46: 1
DC6: 3
DC9: 3
MD80: 6
Is Hiring?: Yes


Hiring:  MD-80 Captains and First Officers

Pilot Hiring Minimums:  ATP or ATP Written

Guarantee:  60 hours per 28 day bid period (13 periods per year)

Schedule for MD-80 L48 Crews  - 16 days on/14 days off

Travel on Scheduled Days

Alaska-based pilots are home almost every night.

Full benefit package that includes Known Crewmember (KCM)


Participates in CASS

Call Flight Following (no jumpseats on the Zero G aircraft)

Telephone: 1-907-450-2355

Everts Air Cargo PAYSCALES

DC6 MD80     
10 187 221     
9 183 217     
8 179 213     
7 175 209     
6 171 205     
5 167 201     
4 163 197     
3 159 192     
2 155 187     
1 151 177     
DC6 MD80     
10 126 -     
9 123 -     
8 121 -     
7 119 -     
6 117 -     
5 115 129     
4 112 126     
3 110 123     
2 108 119     
1 106 115     

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Pay Rate:

Credit Time:

Bid Periods:



Additional pay for flying on non-scheduled days.

New Hires – current and qualified in a 121 operation starts at fifth year pay.

Load Pay

Incentives and bonuses based on company discretion.


Domestic and International Per Diem:  $65.00 per day



Matching 50% of the first 8%

401K Matching: Yes

A/B Fund:

There is not a defined contribution plan