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  • All pilots are home based (US) and are DH to work from an approved home airport. Schedules are 17 or 18 days on (30 or 31 day month) and 13 days off per month. Crew members DH to/from work on their available days not on days off. Pilots bid schedules in 3 month periods. Days off are bid as no flying is published in advance due to the business model. Because of this the flying on the available days is very fluid. Pay is bi-monthly but will change to monthly as of August 2022. After one year of service 14 Paid Time Off days (can be used as sick days or vacation days) are allotted annually. Classes of 12-14 pilots are planned monthly for the foreseeable future. 
  • PTO days used for vacations are bid in groups of 5 days and the vacation periods are awarded by seniority. The 13 monthly days off are attached to the 5 vacation days giving an 18 day vacation twice a year. 
  • National Airlines added 4 B747-400 aircraft to the fleet last year and plans to add additional 747s in 2022. The airline also plans to add 2 A330 in the first half of the year. National Airlines was nominated for 3 “Heroes of the Pandemic” Awards for 2021 for our efforts in transporting needed supplies around the globe.
  • This page was last updated: June 30, 2022 (Quicktake, Pay Notes, Hiring)
Total: 110
Active: 110
Furloughed: 0
None listed
747-400: 6
757-200: 1
A330: 1
Is Hiring?: Yes

Pilot Hiring Minimums: FAA ATP with Fixed wing Multi engine, Authorization to work in the USA, 2500+Total time, 500+ Turbine,  1000+ Fixed wing or 500+ with a Part 121 Air Carrier

Applicants should apply on jsfirm.com. A resume should be uploaded. Resumes will be reviewed and most qualified will be selected. Chosen applicants will be notified and a video interview will be scheduled. 

Please Visit: jsfirm.com


CASS Participant

National Airlines uses the ALPA app for jumpseat listing. All relevant information is contained in the jumpseat section of the app. 

National Airlines PAYSCALES

12 296     
11 289     
10 282     
9 275     
8 268     
7 262     
6 255     
5 250     
4 243     
3 237     
2 231     
1 226     
12 205     
11 200     
10 195     
9 190     
8 185     
7 180     
6 175     
5 170     
4 165     
3 160     
2 140     
1 120     

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Pay Rate:

Credit Time:

Bid Periods:


  • Monthly Pay Guarantee for Line Holders: 65 Hour Monthly Guarantee
  • Monthly Pay Guarantee for Reserves: No reserve lines are built.
  • Scheduled pay raises: Annually on the employee’s date of hire.

Trip rig is 3 hours pay for a 24 hour period with no duty assigned. Trip rig starts 24 hours after a duty period ends. Deadhead pay is 50% of the hourly wage. Day off pay is paid at normal hourly rate unless otherwise communicated by management. It is frequently paid at 150% and recently at 200%. 


Domestic Per Diem (Hourly): $50 per day ($2.08 per hour)

International Per Diem (Hourly): $75 per day ($3.12 per hour)



The company matches 100% of the first 3% of employee contribution and 50% of the next 1% of employee contribution. The matching is offered after one year of employment. The employee can contribute as soon as employment begins.

401K Matching: Yes

A/B Fund: