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  • ACMI 121 Supplemental
  • Founded March 2013 by Former Founder of Southern Air Cargo and CEO James K. Neff / US DOT approval March 2014 / FAA Certification August 2014 
  • Operates Globally Providing ACMI services for Commercial and Military Customers 
  • Fleet Wide Upgrades to ensure FANS-1 compliance 
  • Home Basing / Travel to and from trips paid for by company 
  • 16 Airplanes on Property: 11 MD-11F’s and 2 747 BCF Flying. 3 MD-11 Slated to Enter Service 2020 (originally 2018) 
  • All Aircraft planned to receive newly Painted Livery 2018 
  • Flown to 279 airports in 112 Countries 
  • Major Destinations: RSW, ANC, PVG, KIX, HKG, ORD, LGG, VCP, EBB, NBO, ICN 
  • ATC Callsign: “Western Global” 
  • Last updated: May 7, 2020 (Quicktake, Pilots and Hiring)
Total: 177
Active: 177
Furloughed: 0
None listed
747-400BCF: 2
MD11F: 14
Is Hiring?: Yes

Accepting Applications We are hiring for MD-11 and B747-400 Fleets!

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MINIMUM Requirements: 

  • Hold a current and valid FAA ATPL 
  • Hold a valid Class 1 Medical Certificate. 
  • Able to complete 2 years of service. 
  • Total flight time - 3,000 
  • Multi Crew Aircraft - 1500 Hours 
  • Multi Engine ATP 
  • Turbojet - 1000 Hours 
  • ICAO English Level IV 
  • No history of accidents or incidents. Able to hold an appropriate visa to the countries that the Customer operates. 
  • Current US Passport 
  • Ability to pass a 10-year security background check and pre-employment Drug and Alcohol test. 

*Some Minimums can be waived at company discretion

Pilot Hiring Process:

Initial Skype interview. Upon completion, may be selected for in person interview. Travel and hotel paid for by company to Miami. Consists of Logbook Review, panel interview with HR and/or Chief Pilot, Management pilots, Line pilots. Followed by Simulator interview in either MD-11 or 747. 

Most Junior CA: 

MD11 09/24/2018

B747 10/19/2017


CASS Participant

Open Jumpseat Policy


  • Domestic Travel

          The preferred method for making a domestic Travel Request is to submit an email 3 hrs. in advance of scheduled departure.  The e-mail must contain: First-Middle-Last name, Employer, Job Title, Company ID#, Contact number, Departure and Destination Cities.  Send to [email protected]  Walk up requests for the jumpseat will be accommodated if it will not cause a departure delay.  (The jumpseat rider must contact Western Global Operations control (NCC) at 941-907-6810 -- 1 hr. prior to domestic departure.)

  • International Travel  

         The Travel Request Form must be submitted no less than 24 hours in advance of scheduled departure unless other arrangements are made. To board a Western Global aircraft, persons are expected to arrive and complete the boarding process in a timely manner.  We recommend arriving no less than two (2) hrs. prior to departure. For cargo ramp parking information and where to meet the crew contact Western Global Operations Control (NCC) at 941.907.6810. 

Western Global Airlines PAYSCALES

747-400BCF MD11F     
12 744 744     
11 726 726     
10 718 718     
9 705 705     
8 692 692     
7 672 672     
6 653 653     
5 631 631     
4 613 613     
3 595 595     
2 580 580     
1 562 562     
747-400BCF MD11F     
12 506 506     
11 494 494     
10 488 488     
9 479 479     
8 471 471     
7 457 457     
6 444 444     
5 430 430     
4 417 417     
3 405 405     
2 395 395     
1 382 382     

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Pay Rate:

Credit Time:

Bid Periods:



17 days Minimum Guarantee. Company can involuntary extend to 20 days. Over 20 days only with Pilot consent. 

Over Time: Day 19 and Day 20 150% pay. Over 20 days 200% pay

Guarantee and Overtime pay based on Calendar month. 

Training Pay $3000 a month in Miami Florida. Travel and Hotel paid by company. Full pay at the Completion of IOE or 30 days after type ride.

Pilots keep all airline, hotel, and etc. reward points. 

Each pilot has company card and Captains get company cell phone

Yearly Winter Peak Bonus Programs, 2-year and 4-year $10,000 retention bonus program. 

Known Crew Member 

2nd Passports and all crew visas paid for by company. 


Monthly Pay Guarantee for Line Holders: 17 Days

Domestic Per Diem (Hourly): $2.50

International Per Diem (Hourly): $2.50

Per Diem is $60 a day. Schedules spanning from End of month to Beginning of next month bumped to $100 a day after turn of month until days off.



As of September 1, 2018.

401K Matching: Yes