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JetBlue Airways

Queens, NY

  • Set to hire 680 pilots in 2022
  • Interline agreements: Aer Lingus, Cape Air, American, South African, Emirates, El Al, LAN, Virgin Atlantic, Icelandair, Qatar, and TAM
  • Interline agreement with Hawaiian and Virgin Atlantic out of MCO, BOS, JFK and IAD
  • E190s have dual HUDs
  • JetBlue now provides a parking shuttle in JFK in lieu of taking the airport train
  • JetBlue Airways pilots are represented by the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA)
  • First Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) ratified; DOS 08/01/18; 4-year agreement.
  • Firm order book has changed to an additional 53 A321 neos, 13 A321LR, 13 A321XLR, and 70 A220s
  • A220-300 Deliveries begin in 2020. Options for another 60 A220-300
  • Under CBA, pilots on short call reserve are on a 2:30 hour call out and are assigned a reserve start time or assignment by 8am the day prior; reserve window assignment may change each day as needed by crew services; pilot is allowed to preference between four different start time silos
  • Long call reserve is 14-hour call out; max short call conversion of 5 total days per month (each pays $100)
  • Under CBA, Junior Assignment pay is 200% of pilot's base
  • Company funded VEBA beginning May 2019 ($1/hr above stated pay rates
  • Rigs: trip rig 3.5:1; duty rig 2:1; night rig 1.75:1
  • Night pay override $13/hr for flying between 0100-0500 base local time
  • This page last updated: August 26, 2022 (Pilots, Fleet, Pay Scale)

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Total: 4650
Active: 4650
Furloughed: 0
A220: 12
A320: 130
A321: 85
E190: 60
Is Hiring?: Yes

Hiring First Officers

A transition incurs a 2-year aircraft lock (E190 FO to A320 FO); an upgrade incurs a 2-year aircraft lock (A320 FO to E190 capt).

JetBlue interview gouge.


As of January 25th, 2015 the only way to prelist for a JetBlue flight will be online using myIDTravel. 

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Pay Rate:

Credit Time:

Bid Periods:



Monthly guarantee: 70 hours
Reserve guarantee: 75 hours

Pilots may sell their unused PTO (over 100 hours accrued) back each month at 100% of their pay rate.

Pilots are paid an additional $13/hour of "night override pay" for flights between the hours of 0100-0500 base local time.

$5.00/hr for Captains
$4.00/hr for FOs

International per diem and override apply to anything outside of Canada, Alaska, SJU, and the contiguous US

Most Junior A320/321 Captain Dec ‘15 Hire

Most Junior A220 Captain July ‘15 Hire

Most Junior E190 Captain Dec ‘19 Hire

  • Domestic - $2.35 DOS, $2.40 DOS +2, $2.45 DOS + 3
  • International - $2.55 + $.05 each year of contract
  • International Override:
        CA - $5.00, DOS +2 $6.00
        FO - $4.00, DOS +2 $5.00
  • International per diem and international override apply to anything outside of Canada, Alaska, SJU, and the contiguous US.


15% direct contribution; 16% effective 1/1/2021: No A/B Fund: Other: Profit Sharing: Profit Sharing: Pilots receive pro rata share of the 10% of adjusted pretax income before profit sharing and special items up to a pre-tax margin of 18%. The result is reduced by 5% of eligible compensation. If the Company’s resulting pre-tax margin exceeds 18%, Pilots will receive profit sharing based on their pro rata share of 20% of profits above the 18% pre- tax margin computed as above.

401K Matching: No

A/B Fund:



Profit Sharing: If JetBlue profit margin is 18% or less, pilots get 10% (5% retirement plus 401k contribution and differences paid via profit sharing). If over 18%, payout is 20% of amount over 18%

New company-funded Retiree Health Account VEBA implemented at DOS+1 with $1.00 per credit hour deposited into account ($1 above stated pay rates)