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Tradewind Aviation, LLC

Oxford, CT

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  • Tradewind Aviation is a member of the JetBlue Gateways Program.
  • KCM is available for purchase by employee
  • Tradewind has signed a deal with Pilatus to take delivery of 20 PC-12NGXs over the next 5 years to update and expand the fleet
  • Airline was established in 2001
  • ZED fair travel available on Delta, JetBlue, United, Spirit, and several other major and regional airlines
  • 800 TT minimum, 1200 TT preferred for FOs, but minimums fluctuate
  • Bases: OXC, HPN, SJU
  • Have a training agreement
  • Upgrade opportunities at as low as 1200 hours (Part 135 minimums)
  • Paid uniforms and training 
  • 401K Plan | Tradewind Matches up to 4% of employees’ annual salary after 120 days of employment.
  • Travel benefits – Free standby flights on Tradewind Routes 30 days after employment
  • ATC callsign: "GPD" - "Goodspeed"
  • This page last updated: March 7, 2022 (Quicktake)
Total: 59
Active: 59
Furloughed: 0
None listed
CJ3: 3
PC-12: 17
Is Hiring?: Yes

Payment starts at the first day of training

Hotel is provided during training

Training contract starts when hired and ends at 1 year as a captain. Prorated payback of $17k

Typical Tradewind Pilots join as a Pilatus SIC. Captains who fly the PC-12 for two years are eligible for upgrade to the CJ3.

Pilot Hiring Minimums:
SIC Requirements – 900TT | 500TT CC | 100TT Night
PIC Requirements – 1200 TT | ATP or previous Part 135 Experience

Most recent upgrade hired May 2021 


ZED fares on most major US and some European carriers after 6 months.

Free standby travel on Tradewind scheduled routes after 30 days of employment

CASS Participant

Tradewind Aviation, LLC PAYSCALES

CJ3 PC-12     
10 120 105     
9 117 102     
8 115 100     
7 112 97     
6 111 95     
5 107 92     
4 105 90     
3 100 80     
2 95 80     
1 90 65     
CJ3 PC-12     
10 105 40     
9 105 40     
8 102 40     
7 100 40     
6 97 40     
5 95 40     
4 92 40     
3 88 40     
2 85 40     
1 75 35     

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Pay Rate:

Credit Time:

Bid Periods:



Disregard above Pay Calculator, all pilots are salaried employees

PC-12 years 4-10 include $5,000 for ARGUS qualification with a $700 day rate. 

If a pilot does not meet the ARGUS PC-12 Captain requirements, $5,000 will be deducted from the published years 4-10 PC-12 Captain pay scale and the day rate will remain at $600.

PC-12 Captains upgrading to CJ3 First Officer will start the CJ3 First Officer pay scale with 1 year less seniority than currently held in the PC-12 Captain pay scale. 

CJ3 First Officers upgrading to CJ3 Captain will start the CJ3 Captain pay scale with 1 year less seniority than currently held in the CJ3 First Officer pay scale. 

CJ3 pilots are dual qualified in the PC-12 CJ3 Captains must maintain ARGUS qualification once the requirements are met. 

Year 2 PC-12 Captain upgrading to CJ3 First Officer will remain at $80,000

Tradewind Aviation has implemented a Flight Duty Pay (FDP) program for all crew members. When flying the PC-12, each leg over 6 legs per day is paid at $125 / leg. 

When flying the CJ3, each hour over 6 hours per day of flight time is paid at $125 / hr.

Pay scale progression is subject to satisfactory completion of performance reviews.

Overtime Rates PC-12 SIC $300 PC-12 PIC $600/$700 see above note CJ3 SIC $700 CJ3 PIC $800 


Domestic Per Diem (Hourly): $3.21/per hour plus $15.00 overnight

International Per Diem (Hourly): $3.21/per hour plus $30.00 international overnight 



Up to 4%

401K Matching: Yes