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Appleton, WI

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  • Up to $57,000 in sign-on and retention bonuses 
  • Flying agreement with United Airlines requires significant growth in Air Wisconsin’s pilot workforce; 450-500 pilots needed over the next 2 years! 
  • Immediate Captain upgrades available to those with qualifying experience
  • Direct Entry Captains earn $44,000 in bonuses by the end of IOE
  • All current and future pilots have the opportunity for a defined path to United through the Aviate program
  • Become an Airman Trainee! Learn more about Air Wisconsin while continuing to build hours toward your ATP minimums. www.airwis.com/airman_trainee.html 
  • Earn between $291,000 and $340,000 with benefits in your first three years of employment when you upgrade in 13 months.
  • $36.60/hour first year First Officer pay
  • 401(k) match up to 8% dependent on employee contribution regardless of Years of Service (including First Officers), which is the highest among regionals 
  • Most generous health insurance benefits in the industry combined with only a 25% employee premium share 
  • Any additional flying volunteered for on a day off is paid at 150 or 200% your hourly rate 
  • Hourly pay scale increases by 1.5% every year in addition to annual longevity increases 
  • Minimum 12 days off per month 
  • All pilots provided an iPad with electronic navigational charts and manuals 
  • Duty Rig: 2:1; Trip Rig: 4:1 
  • Hotel rooms for breaks between flights of 4.5 hours or more 
  • Extra day off if you arrive after 2:00 a.m. on the last "day" of a trip 
  • Up to 35 paid vacation days per year 
  • In-house Certified Training Program (CTP) provided by Air Wisconsin instructors and simulators 
  • Pilots paid monthly guarantee and receive benefits during CTP training 
  • ATC call sign: "Wisconsin"
  • 1/1: California Aeronautical University Aviation Career Dayr
  • 11/1: Miami Dade College (FXE) School Visit
  • 11/4: Purdue Area Pilot Recruiting Dinner
  • 11/4: Westminster College, SLC Aviation School Visit
  • 11/5: Chicago Pilot Interviews
  • 11/5: Purdue University Aviation Technology Career Fair
  • 11/5: Utah Valley University Aviation School Visit
  • 11/5: Epic Flight Academy School Visit
  • 11/6: Chicago Pilot Interviews
  • 11/6: Southern Utah University Aviation Fall Career Fair
  • 11/6: ERAU-DAB Flightline Visit
  • 11/7: Daytona Beach Area Recruiting Dinner
  • 11/8: Southern Illinois University Aviation Career Fair
  • 11/8: Community College of Beaver County Aviation Career Day
  • 11/8: Spartan College of Aeronautics School Visit
  • 11/13: Chicago Pilot Interviews
  • 11/14: Chicago Pilot Interviews
  • 11/14: Barber's Point Flight School, HNL Visit
  • 11/14: George's Aviation (HNL) School Visit
  • 11/14: Honolulu Area Pilot Recruiting Dinner
  • 11/15: Honolulu Pilot Interviews
  • 11/16: FAPA Job Fair and Future Pilot Forum, Honolulu
  • ORD Pilot Interviews
  • New Rates for CA's and FO's
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Total: 547
Active: 547
Furloughed: 0
CRJ200: 65
Is Hiring?: Yes

New hire pilots joining the Air Wisconsin team will be eligible for sign-on bonuses of $57,000 

Air Wisconsin will be recruiting at a number of upcoming events. Please visit here and see Recruiting Events for more details.

Hiring for two classes a month. Apply online.

Become an Airman Trainee! Learn more about Air Wisconsin while continuing to build hours toward your ATP minimums. www.airwis.com/airman_trainee.html 


  • 1,500 TT fixed wing (R-ATP 1000 TT or 1,250 TT)
  • 25 ME
  • 100 instrument

Preferred minimums:

  • 121 experience; turbine experience

Air Wisconsin interview gouge.


Check in at ticket counter. Unlimited jumpseats. CASS participant.

Air Wisconsin PAYSCALES

18 114     
17 111     
16 109     
15 106     
14 104     
13 101     
12 98     
11 95     
10 92     
9 89     
8 87     
7 84     
6 82     
5 79     
4 77     
3 75     
2 71     
1 69     
8 52     
7 50     
6 49     
5 47     
4 46     
3 45     
2 43     
1 36     

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Pay Rate:

Credit Time:

Bid Periods:



Paid the greater of scheduled or actual time on a leg-by-leg basis

100% cancellation pay

100% deadhead pay

150% open time pay

150%-200% pay for flying determined to be critical to the operation. 

Retention bonuses being offered for pilots currently on property

$57,000 in sign-on bonus. Which is the highest in the industry. First installment of $5,000; paid on first paycheck. $26,000 to be paid upon completion of IOE, and $10,000 to be paid after first anniversary.  $8,000 is to be paid out quarterly in year three if the pilot has not been upgraded to Captain.  The remaining $8,000 is paid to pilots who join Air Wisconsin from a Part 91K, 121, or 135 carrier with an ATP and type rating in an aircraft greater than 12,500.

First year pay in conjunction with the sign-on bonus makes Air Wisconsin the highest paying regional airline in the industry.

$260 uniform and $50 headset allowance per year after one year of service

42 hours of earned sick leave per year

Monthly guarantee: 75 hours 

Reserve guarantee: 75 hours 

(Note: Pilots holding Line status cannot be assigned to Reserve status)


$1.80/hr Domestic

$1.90/hr Int'l



3% Defined Contribution regardless of Employee Contribution

Additional Match up to 5%

401K Matching: Yes

A/B Fund: