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Bedford, MA

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  • Connect Airlines and Universal Hydrogen have signed an agreement to become the first zero-emission US based airline.  Connect has a firm order for 12 Dash-8-300 conversion kits and another 12 for other aircraft type. 
  • Pilots hired in the current phase of the airline as a start up will have 2 digit seniority numbers for the airline, which translate to choice of aircraft and schedule as the fleet expands and grows to include Airbus. 
  • Currently hiring Direct Entry Captains and First Officers.  Our Direct Entry Captain will always remain senior on the list due to coming in at the Start Up Phase of the airline.  
  • Start Up airline lead by CEO John Thomas and a leadership team that is all aviation experts. 
  • https://www.connectairlines.com/team
Total: 12
Active: 12
Furloughed: 0
None listed
Dash 8-300: 5
None listed
Is Hiring?: Yes

Pilot Hiring Minimums: ATP Minimum

Pilot Hiring Process, please describe: Interview with hiring team, if selected offered next available class date.  Training is done in Bedford, MA for ground school and Flight Safety in Seattle for simulators.  

New Hire Class Starts other Monday with 12 pilots 

Insurance premiums are company paid up to $1500 a month so pilots choose what makes the most sense for their family and earn more in your take home pay

Pilots receive $1500 a month of tax free dollars to offset commuting expenses 

Please visit: https://www.connectairlines.com/about-pilots


Given that our first flights will be operating internationally to Canada, we will not be able to accept Jumpseat reservations for non-participating crew members on a given flight due to Canadian regulations. Once we are flying domestically we will be able to open up the jumpseat reservation process. For now it is internal only and those who are riding the jumpseat will be limited to FAA inspectors, Dispatchers on their annual 3 hours of observation, and any other crew member who is required by regulation to be in the jumpseat.

Connect Airlines PAYSCALES

Dash 8-300     
12 114     
11 110     
10 107     
9 104     
8 100     
7 98     
6 95     
5 92     
4 89     
3 87     
2 84     
1 81     
Dash 8-300     
12 86     
11 81     
10 76     
9 72     
8 68     
7 65     
6 61     
5 58     
4 55     
3 52     
2 49     
1 45     

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Pay Rate:

Credit Time:

Bid Periods:



Bonus Structure

$24,000 signing and retention bonus paid out in following structure

Payment 1 of $8,000 upon IOE completion

Payment 2 of $8,000 at 9 months of service

Payment 3 of $8,000 at 12 months of service

$24,000 Year 2 retention bonus

Payment 1 of $12,000 at 18 months of service

Payment 2 of $12,000 at 24 months of service

$24,000 Year 3 retention bonus

Payment 1 of $12,000 at 30 months of service

Payment 2 of $12,000 at 36 months of service

Monthly Pay Guarantee for Line Holders: 85

Monthly Pay Guarantee for Reserves: NA

Scheduled pay raises: TBD

Direct Entry Captain bonuses

$2,500/month signing bonus for 12 months following completion of IOE

+ $1,067/month for 12 months if prior Dash 8 rated Captain

+ $30k at Year 1 anniversary of IOE

+ $24k retention bonus at Year 2 and Year 3 anniversary of IOE

Near Hour Captain bonus

$1,875/month signing bonus for 12 months at completion of IOE

+ $22.5k at 1 year anniversary of IOE

+ $20k for Dash 8 rated Near Hour Captain

+ $24k retention bonus at Year 2 and Year 3 anniversary of IOE


Domestic Per Diem (Hourly): $3.54

International Per Diem (Hourly): $3.54



5% Match

401K Matching: Yes


Monthly Line Holder guarantee: 85

Monthly Reserve Guarantee: 85