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Minneapolis, MN

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  • Endeavor Air, the only wholly owned subsidiary regional airline of Delta Air Lines, is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minn.
  • JUST ANNOUNCED: In November, 2019, Endeavor Air announced plans to open its sixth crew domicile - Cincinnati (CVG) - opening in Q1, 2020 Opened Raleigh-Durham (RDU) as 11th maintenance base November, 2019 Also update crew bases to include CVG; RDU as a maintenance base towards the bottom of the base.
  • Weekly new hire pilot classes began August 5, 2019, to support growth, attrition to mainline
  • Upgrade times projected to be less than 24 months
  • After 18 months as Captain, eligible pilots can take part in exclusive Delta Guaranteed Interview (“DGI”) Program
  • First year First Officers earn between $61,000-72,000; highest pilot hourly rates in regional industry ($50.66/hr 2019, $51.42/hr 2020)
  • Endeavor Air Bases: MSP (Minneapolis, MN), DTW (Detroit, MI), JFK/LGA (New York, NY), and ATL (Atlanta, GA)
  • Maintenance stations in CVG (Cincinnati), CWA (Mosinee, WI), DSM (Des Moines, IA), IND (Indianapolis), RDU (Raleigh, NC opening December, 2019), and TYS (Knoxville, TN)
  • 850+ flights daily to the US, Canada, Cuba and Caribbean • New Hire class seniority is based on last four digits of individual’s social security number (ie: 9999 highest seniority and 0000 lowest seniority)
  • Fleet, Base Assignments announced within first week of training
  • $2,000 Pilot Referral Program - Endeavor Pilots are eligible to earn $2000 for every qualified pilot that they refer and successful through IOE training
  • Operational Performance Payouts of up to $300 per quarter, up to $1,200 annual incremental earnings
  • Mirrored Mainline Training - Full integration with Delta Air Lines procedures and checklists, preparing pilots for future advancement to Delta
  • All requested credit awarded by Pilot Bidding System (PBS) above 85 hours is paid at least 150%
  • 100% deadhead pay Company paid parking in base and a parking stipend of $40/month for commuters
  • Long Call Reserve (LCR) available
  • Long Stay/Short Stay Hotels
  • Commuter Friendly Airline - Positive Space tickets available if pilots are unable to commute on first flight option (UTC Policy); If the last leg of a trip is a deadhead, you can have it changed to a positive space deadhead home instead
  • Endeavor Pilots have priority on any Delta aircraft jumpseat over all other carriers after Delta Pilots
  • Best Leisure Travel Priority - Endeavor has its own boarding priority (S3A), highest among Delta Connection carriers • Endeavor ALPA MEC site
  • Reserve pilots are allowed to travel to their base during call out window on the first day. Min day 4 hours
  • IATA code: 9E; ICAO code: EDV; ATC call sign: “Endeavor”
  • Minimum days off per month: 11; Minimum 12 days off with reserve schedule
  • This page last updated: November 6, 2019 (Quicktake)

Total: 1905
Active: 1905
Furloughed: 0
CRJ200: 42
CRJ700: 6
CRJ900: 109
Is Hiring?: Yes

Endeavor is hiring 25-32 per class. 2 classes a month. Approximately 60 pilots a month being hired with crew domiciles in MSP, DTW, NYC, and ATL.

75 hours Reserve guarantee

Endeavor Air Pilot career page

For information on upcoming Pilot Recruitment Events, please click below:
Endeavor Air Recruitment Events

ALL pilots are eligible for the Delta Guaranteed Interview program (DGI)

1,475TT/25 Multi 975TT/25 Multi (if you graduated from an accredited 141 College Flight Program)
25 Multi-Engine Land Hours Upgrade minimums: 2,500 TT (with 1,000 hours at company)

Upgrade Minimums:
2,500 TT (with 1,000 hours at company or 1,000 hours of 121 time if needed)


List at ticket counter or gate. CASS participant.

Endeavor Air PAYSCALES

CRJ200 CRJ900     
15 117 122     
14 113 119     
13 111 117     
12 107 114     
11 105 111     
10 103 109     
9 100 106     
8 98 104     
7 96 101     
6 94 99     
5 92 97     
4 90 95     
3 88 93     
2 86 91     
1 84 89     
CRJ200 CRJ900     
7 65 67     
6 64 66     
5 63 64     
4 61 63     
3 60 62     
2 56 59     
1 50 50     

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Pay Rate:

Credit Time:

Bid Periods:



Current Captain upgrade times are presently projected at 18-24 months or less with no previous 121 time; 6-12 months or less with previous 121 time. 

Monthly guarantee: 75 hours Reserve guarantee: 75 hours Training Pay: 75 hours 

Endeavor is hiring 25-32 pilots per class. 2 classes a month. Approx. 60 pilots a month being hired, with crew domiciles in MSP, DTW, NYC, and ATL. 

Highest first year pay rates for all pilots; includes $10,000 training completion bonus

Most Junior Captain: December 2017.


2017: $1.70/hr 

2018: $1.80/hr 

2019: $1.85/hr 

2021: $1.90/hr 

2023: $1.95/hr 



Starts after year 1 - 100% match up to 12.5% 

401K Matching: Yes

A/B Fund: