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Endeavor Air

Minneapolis, MN

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  • Endeavor Air is the only wholly-owned regional subsidiary of Delta Air Lines
  • Endeavor is the ONLY regional carrier to offer a guaranteed Career Advancement Program with Delta Air Lines – Eligible to advance after serving 24 months as an Endeavor Captain
  • Endeavor operates the world’s largest fleet of CRJ-900 aircraft
  • Industry-leading compensation - First year First Officer hourly rate of pay is $52.98
  • $10,000 training completion bonus for all new pilots; up to $30,000 in additional sign-on bonuses for qualifying experience
  • Longevity pay scale match up to 10 years of service
  • Up to $110,000 in retention bonuses at time of Captain Upgrade and in 24 months following.
  • DIRECT ENTRY CAPTAINS – earn up to $117.50 depending on prior Part 121 experience
  • ATP-CTP Sponsored Training for qualified candidates
  • Commuter Policy: Endeavor’s commuter policy mirrors Delta’s. Positive space travel is offered to all pilots when commuting to their base to report to work
  • Ranked #1 in U.S. Airlines for Customer Service, December 2021
  • Ranked #1 in U.S. Airlines with the Highest Percentage of On-time Arrivals, December 2021 
  • Headquarters in Minneapolis, MN
  • Pilot Bases: ATL, NYC (JFK & LGA), MSP, DTW, CVG
  • Every base has a CRJ-900 pilot domicile, the CRJ-200 only has pilot bases at ATL, MSP, DTW 
  • This page last updated: April 6, 2022 (Quicktake, Pilots, Fleet, Hiring, Paynotes)

Total: 2043
Active: 2043
Furloughed: 0
CRJ200: 42
CRJ700: 18
CRJ900: 123
Is Hiring?: Yes

New hire classes start every Monday, 14-15 pilots 

Application window remains open for First Officer and Direct Entry Captain positions.

Apply Online

Sign-On Bonuses:  All pilots receive a $10,000 sign-on bonus at completion of OE. You can earn up to an additional $30,000 in sign-on bonuses with qualifying Part 121 experience. 

Retention Bonuses: At time of Captain Upgrade and in the 24 months following, Endeavor pilots can earn up $110,000 in retention bonuses in exchange for a commitment to remain at Endeavor while they wait for their opportunity to advance to Delta. Direct Entry Captains can begin earning these retention bonuses upon completion of OE. 

Junior bases: NYC (JFK & LGA) and CVG. Currently, new hire pilots have the possibility of being based at any of our 5 domiciles.

Seniority: New Hire class seniority is based on the last four digits of an individual’s social security number (ie: 9999 highest seniority and 0000 lowest seniority). Fleet, Base assignment is announced within your first week of training. 

Reserve Time: Reserve times are currently running an average of 7 months, or 5 months at our most junior bases. 

Upgrade Time: At Endeavor, you will be eligible to upgrade to Captain upon reaching the required regulatory hours. For pilots with no prior Part 121 experience, upgrades are projected at 24 months. 

Advance to Delta: Pilots must serve a minimum of 24 months as an Endeavor Captain before they are eligible to advance to Delta Air Lines. Under current projections, a new hire Captain can expect to advance to Delta in as little as 24 months, and a new hire First Officer with no prior Part 121 experience can expect to advance in as little as 48 months.

Hiring Minimums 

1,475TT / 25 Multi / 200 Cross Country (Restricted-ATP) or 500 Cross Country (Full ATP) 975TT / 25 Multi / 200 Cross Country (if you graduated from an accredited 141 College Flight Program) 

Learn more about Endeavor Air Pilot Careers


JUMPSEATS Endeavor’s commuter policy mirrors Delta Air Lines.

Positive space travel is offered to all pilots when commuting to their base to report for work First priority to jumpseat on Endeavor Air operated flights 2nd priority on Delta Air Lines jumpseat ahead of all other companies List at ticket counter or gate. CASS participant 

Endeavor Air PAYSCALES

CRJ200 CRJ900     
15 122 127     
14 120 126     
13 117 123     
12 114 120     
11 111 117     
10 108 114     
9 106 112     
8 104 109     
7 101 107     
6 99 104     
5 97 102     
4 95 100     
3 93 97     
2 91 95     
1 89 93     
CRJ200 CRJ900     
7 68 70     
6 68 69     
5 66 68     
4 65 66     
3 63 65     
2 60 62     
1 52 52     

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Pay Rate:

Credit Time:

Bid Periods:



- $52.98/hr first-year starting pay rate

- 75-hour monthly guarantee

- Per diem pay of $2.15 per hour while on assignment

- Positive space commuting to and from base

- Unassigned flying can be picked up at 150% pay

- 100% Deadhead Pay and 100% Cancellation Pay

- Front-end Alternate Deadhead Pay

- Customs Pay, Trip & Duty Rig

- Third-year Captain pay rate of $101.39/hr

- $10,000 Pilot Training Completion Bonus

- Additional $10,000-$30,000 sign-on for qualifying experience

- Up to $110,000 in retention bonuses after Captain upgrade while you wait to advance to Delta

- 401(k) Company Match starting on Day 1

- Annual contractual pay rate increase


2022: $2.15 PER HOUR



Company match starts on day 1. Match of 3%-12.5% based on years of service. 

401K Matching: Yes

A/B Fund: