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  • ·        NEW Industry Experience Credit — Pilots with previous Part-121 experience can count their years of service toward compensation rates, vacation days and retirement benefits at Envoy. Those hours are also eligible for Captain Pay as a First Officer.

·        NEW Captain Pay as a First Officer —Receive Captain’s hourly rate at 750 hours while you fly as a First Officer.

·        NEW Long Call Reserve — Get at least 12 hours notice before your trip assignment.

·        NEW Minimum of 12 days off per month

·        NEW 1:2 Duty & 1:4 Trip Rigs — Get paid for your downtime on trips with fewer flights.

·        NEW 100% “Deadhead” Pay

·        NEW 150% Holiday Pay — Six paid holidays plus Halloween and the “Big Football Game”.

·        NEW 250-Hour Sick Bank Payout — Turn those unused sick days into extra pay days when you transition to American Airlines.

·        NEW Preferential Bidding System — Build your monthly schedule based on your preferences. (Coming soon!) 

·        Envoy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Airlines Group, with headquarters and training facility in Irving, Texas (DFW area)

·        Envoy partners with dozens of Universities and Flight Schools, offering a Cadet Program to help aspiring pilots transition from the classroom to the flight deck.

·        Owned and Operated under American Airlines Group.  Envoy uses the same layout in aircraft manuals, uniforms, checklist, SOP’s.  Training is under AQP at Envoy Headquarters with some possible off-site Simulator Training

·        Envoy has a flow-throw agreement with American Airlines. The typical flow from Envoy to AA is roughly 5.5 to 6 years.

·        Envoy operates an all-jet fleet comprised of Embraer 170, and 175 aircraft.

·        Envoy maintains crew bases at the hubs they share with American Airlines in the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW), Chicago (ORD), Miami (MIA), and Phoenix (PHX).

·        Envoy operates about 750 flights per day to approximately 150 destinations throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Bahamas

·        Envoy covers the cost of the ATP-CTP course for candidates needing to complete the exam prior to training. 

·        All Envoy employees are eligible for American Airlines Group Profit Sharing Plan, as well as a monthly performance bonuses of up to $100, based on meeting key operational targets.

·        All employees are given flight privileges on American Airlines mainline and regional flights for them, their family, and their friends. Standby priority is based off check-in time. 

·        ATA code: MQ; ICAO code: ENY; ATC callsign “Envoy”

·        IG/Twitter handle: @envoyaircareers 

Company Website

Total: 2411
Active: 2411
Furloughed: 0
EMB170: 27
EMB175: 107
Is Hiring?: Yes

·        Please visit envoyair.com/pilots for more information.

·        Pilot Hiring Minimums: FAA ATP Minimums or R-ATP Minimums, (Must hold Commercial Multi w/ Instrument Privileges) 1st Class Medical, Passport, and FCC License

·        Apply via AirlineApps.com - a link is listed on Envoy Air’s Website

·        NEW LIMITED TIME OFFER: Lump sum signing bonus for qualifying First Officers who receive a conditional job offer between now and December 31, 2023. 

·        $100,000 to pilots with more than 950 hours of Part 121 time

·        $75,000 to pilots with between 500 and 949 hours of Part 121 time

·        The full amount of these signing bonuses (after taxes) will be paid on Day Zero – the day before training starts.

·        Here is a summary of the terms:

·        • Must accept conditional job offer before December 31 30, 2023. 

·        • Pilots must accept a conditional job offer before December 31, 2023.  and must be assigned a class within 90 days of receiving the CJO.

·        • Full amount of bonus (after taxes) to be paid on Day Zero – the day before training.

·        • Eligible for longevity credit for prior years of active service as a pilot at another Part 121 Air Carrier for the purposes of calculating compensation and vacation accrual.

·        • Eligible for the 50% Pilot Supply premium, while in effect.

·        • Eligible for Captain pay at 750 hours, while in effect.

·        • Bonus Repayment Obligation: 24 months starting at completion of training/IOE (earned as pilot works); no repayment obligation for pilots hired by AA through flow or direct hire.

·        NOTE: Part 135 PIC or Part 91 Fractional Ownership PIC hours may qualify but these pilots do not receive the Part 121 longevity credit.


List at ticket counter or gate. May also list: 888-933-5922 (option 3). CASS participant. 


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18 213     
17 210     
16 206     
15 202     
14 198     
13 195     
12 191     
11 187     
10 183     
9 180     
8 176     
7 172     
6 168     
5 165     
4 161     
3 157     
2 153     
1 150     
15 111     
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Pay Rate:

Credit Time:

Bid Periods:



Line-holder guarantee: 72 hours

Reserve guarantee: 75 hours

Pay rates increase by 1% each year 





After the first year, the company provides a 50% match on first 7% of employee contribution. After five years of seniority, the company provides a 75% match on the first 7%, and after ten years seniority, an 80% match on the first 8% of employee contribution.

401K Matching: Yes