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  • Envoy Air (formerly American Eagle Airlines) now offers industry leading pay, placing Envoy among the top regional airlines in pilot compensation and enabling First Officers to earn $60,000 or more during their first year. See “Pay Notes” below for more details. 
  • All Envoy new hire pilots receive up to $22,100 signing bonus, payable on their first day of training. Envoy also partners with dozens of Universities and Flight Schools, offering a Cadet Program to help aspiring pilots transition from the classroom to the flight deck.
  • Envoy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Airlines Group, with headquarters and training facility in Irving, Tex. (DFW area)
  • In 2017, Envoy hires made up about 40% of all American Airlines new hires. From 2010 to 2018, Envoy flow through pilots have made up about 56%.
  • At this point in time, new hires should expect to flow in 9 years and increasing.
  • With more than 14,000 employees, Envoy operates more than 150 aircrafts on about 800 flights per day to 150 destinations throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.
  • Envoy operates an all-jet fleet comprised of Embraer 175, 145 and 140 aircraft, as well as Bombardier CRJ-700.
  • Currently receiving two 76-seat Embraer 175 aircraft each month through the end of 2017 as part of a fleet commitment from American Airlines of 44 firm orders, with up to 86 additional E175 options.
  • ATP-CTP Course Paid for candidates needing to complete the exam prior to training.
  • Rotor Transition Program (RTP) available for military rotor-wing pilots transitioning to a career in commercial aviation. Pilots train at Coast Flight Training in San Diego, Calif. or San Marcos, Tex. and are eligible to receive financial assistance from Envoy and Coast Flight Training. 
  • Envoy also offers employees a $5,000 referral bonus for every new hire pilot who is referred and passes training.
  • Envoy maintains crew bases at the hubs they share with American Airlines in Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW), Chicago (ORD), New York (LGA), and Miami (MIA). Envoy also offers one of the most generous commuting policies in the industry. Commuting pilots receive four company-paid hotels per month at the beginning or end of their trip and schedule flexibility up to six times in a rolling 12-month period, if they experience difficulty with their commute.
  • All Envoy employees are eligible for American Airlines Group Profit Sharing Plan, as well as monthly performance bonuses of up to $100, based on meeting key operational targets.
  • Envoy provides complimentary Global Entry/TSA Pre-Check access to all crewmembers.
  • ATA code: MQ; ICAO code: ENY; ATC callsign “Envoy”
  • MIA domicile opening in September 2017
  • This page last updated: April 19, 2018 (Quicktake)
Total: 2400
Active: 2400
Furloughed: 0
CRJ700: 24
EMB140: 25
EMB145: 82
EMB175: 54
Is Hiring?: Yes

No training contract required. Planning to hire at least 650 pilots for 2017.

Up to a $22,100 signing bonus available to all new-hires who sign a two year agreement

Envoy provides the ATP-CTP course for pilot candidates to take the ATP written knowledge exam (including travel and hotel accommodations).

First Officer Minimum Qualifications:

  • Commercial Pilot Certificate with multiengine and instrument ratings
  • Within one year of achieving ATP or R-ATP flight experience minimums

Military aviators qualify for the lowest minimum R-ATP certificate at just 750 hours total time and 250 fixed-wing PIC

Flow-through to American Airlines:
All Envoy pilots are eligible for seniority based, no-interview flow through to American Airlines.  The following table outlines the different groups of pilots at Envoy and their corresponding rate of flow to American Airlines, based on their date of hire:

Envoy Table


List at ticket counter or gate. May also list: 888-933-5922 (option 3). CASS participant. 


  CRJ700 EMB175 EMB   
18   106 106 101   
17   105 105 100   
16   103 103 98   
15   101 101 96   
14   100 100 95   
13   97 97 92   
12   94 94 89   
11   91 91 87   
10   88 88 84   
9   86 86 82   
8   83 83 79   
7   81 81 77   
6   79 79 75   
5   77 77 73   
4   75 75 71   
3   73 73 69   
2   70 70 67   
1   68 68 65   
18 43     
17 43     
16 43     
15 43     
14 43     
13 43     
12 43     
11 43     
10 43     
9 43     
8 43     
7 42     
6 42     
5 42     
4 42     
3 41     
2 40     
1 38     

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Pay Rate:

Credit Time:

Bid Periods:



New First Officer Compensation Package:

New hire First Officers will start at the Year 3 hourly pay rate ($37.90/hr) in addition to receiving a sign on bonus of up to $22,100, earning $60,000 or more during their first year.

After one year of service, First Officers will move to the Year 4 hourly pay rate and receive a $20,000 retention bonus, paid in installments of $2,500 per quarter over a two-year period.

Monthly guarantee: 72 hours
Reserve guarantee: 75 hours

Pay rates increase by 1% each year beginning DOS+36 months (January 2018)

All new hires will be capped at FO year 4 pay and Captain year 12 pay.

Envoy uses seniority-based pay banding for captains regardless of actual aircraft flown (i.e. E175 pay band, CRJ pay band, EMB pay band).  The size of the pay band is determined by the staffing required for the number of aircraft within the band.

Most junior captain: 


MIA: 6-20-2016 

LGA: 12-18-2017 

ORD: 8-28-2017 

DFW: 4-27-2015  


ORD: 4-25-2016 

DFW: 4-27-2015 


ORD: 1-16-17

At this point in time, new hires should expect to flow in 9 years and increasing. 


$1.90/hour (increases by $0.05 in January of 2021, 2024)



.50 company match on first 6% of employee contribution

401K Matching: Yes

A/B Fund:

Provides a defined contribution plan (B Fund)


*based on years of service