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First Officers or Direct Entry Captains in the February & March 2020 classes have the highest earning potential of ANY regional airline in total compensation. MORE PAY . MORE FLYING . MORE STABILITY than any other regional. Our Industry leading 10 year contract with United Airlines and 30 more brand new CRJ 550’s flying the line for GoJet in 2020… this is an opportunity hard to pass up! Put in an Airline App NOW!

  • Launch customer for the all-new premium CRJ-550 for United Airlines
  • Taking Delivery of 54 CRJ-550’s between 2019 & 2020
  • EWR & GSO domicile’s are coming in early 2020
  • Hiring over 300 pilots in the next year for growth
  • Codeshare hare partners are United Airlines and Delta Air Lines
  • GoJet has a Rotor transition program for helicopter pilots that pays for up to $51,000 in training. Travel & accommodations are fully covered. See below for complete details.
  • A new five-year contract was ratified by the pilot group in March 2016.
  • Due to the new guaranteed application review, over 30% of pilots will have their application reviewed every year by Delta Airline
  • Sponsors the required ATP-CTP course for new hires.
  • Crew Bases are STL, ORD, DEN, DTW, RDU
  • Most junior base – EWR / ORD anticipated for 2020
  • New hire direct entry captains are eligible for $45,000 sign on bonus
  • $5,000 “Air Carrier Experience Match” includes longevity match for up to ten years of experience; Includes pay rate, sick time & vacation accrual
  • $10,000 pilot referral bonus. (unlimited)
  • Premium pay has been at 150 – 300% depending on operational needs
  • 150% Junior Assignment pay
  • 150% Extension Pay and Voluntary Open Time
  • 100% cancellation pay
  • 100% Deadhead pay
  • Guaranteed a minimum 75 hours pay as a first year First Officer
  • 75 hours per month through training
  • First officers can expect to hold a line in the first month or two of bidding, depending on base.
  • Reserve first officers average 55+ hours of flying a month
  • AQP training program
  • Single Occupancy hotel rooms during training
  • Commuter Policy - 4 hotel rooms per month
  • Upgrade time has been reduced to 1750 hours (1000 of which must be fixed-wing), 1000 hours multi-engine, 1000 Turbine, and 1000 hours Air Carrier or an average of 1 - 2 years
  • IATA code: G7
  • IAO code: GJS
  • ATC callsign: "Lindbergh"
  • This page last updated: January 24, 2020 (Quicktake)
Total: 600
Active: 600
Furloughed: 0
CRJ 550: 54
CRJ700: 47
CRJ900: 7
Is Hiring?: Yes

Hiring over 300 pilots in 2019

Please visit us at www.gojetairlines.com for event information and details.

Launch Customer for 50 all-new CRJ-550 Aircraft for United Airlines



  • Additional $20,000 First Officer bonus for joining November and December 2019 class dates paid at 12 months of active employment
  • Experience Match Program for all qualifying applicants
    • $5,000 Bonus paid during the first three months of employment
    • Up to 10 years of Experience match allowed for experience in the last 10 years at any 121 or qualified scheduled air carrier operation
    • Includes time served from multiple carriers equaling up to 10 years even if it was in the past!
    • Match our current pay-scale for qualifying years of service, accrual rate for vacation, sick time, and more!
    • Early Seniority program up to six months
  • Pay rates increase March 5


Direct Entry Captain Program

  • Pilots with a minimum of qualifying flight time under 14 CFR 121.436 are eligible for the program.
  • $45,000 total for all Direct Entry Captains; $20,000 at class start (first paycheck); $10,000 post IOE ; $15,000 at 1 year Near Entry Captain Program
  • Pilots with a minimum of 750 hours of qualified time under 14 CFR 121.436 would qualify for this program. Pilots under this program will need to build at most 250 hours of time with GoJet Airlines.

First Officer Hiring Bonus Program

$51,000 Paid out as follows:

  • $10,000 - Upon completion of IOE
  • $10,000 - Upon completion of 6 months active employment
  • $6,000 - Upon completion of 12 months active employment
  • $7,500 - Upon completion of 18 months active employment
  • $7,500 - Upon completion of 24 months of active employment
  • $5,000 - Upon completion of 30 months active employment
  • $5,000 - Upon completion of 36 months active employment

Current CA Retention Bonus

  • $7,500 – 2019

$10,000 Referral Bonus for current GoJet pilots.

Open time paid at 150%.

Premium pay has been at 150 – 300%


Indoc training is held at the GoJet Airlines Training Center in St. Louis, MO. Systems, ground school and simulator training is at the Flight Safety International in St. Louis, MO.

$400 in uniforms allowance annually including pilot bags.

Electronic manual and iPads are provided by the company.

Single Occupancy hotel rooms with kitchenettes are provided during training.



First Officer 1465 TT, 25 ME with a CPL. or R-ATP mins.

Captain 1750 TT, 1000 Air Carrier Time or 1000 Multi-Engine, 1000 Fixed Wing, 1000 Turbine & FAA Part 121 requirements


Great opportunities with a growing airline!

GoJet Airlines has been awarded 54 all-new CRJ-550 Premium Regional Jets with a new 10 year agreement for United Express! This is an incredible opportunity for First Officers & Direct Entry Captains to achieve great seniority and schedules extremely quickly!

Pathway Programs

Spirit Pilot Pathway Program

  • Allows the pilot to fly with Spirit Airlines after successfully completing their talent assessment online test.
  • After completing 2 full years at GoJet Airlines and or at least 1 year after completing a Captain upgrade.
  • Pilot must maintain a good record with GoJet Airlines while in the program.


Atlas Air Pilot Pathway Program

  • Allows the pilot to fly with Atlas Air after successfully completing a preferential interview
  • After completing (1 year for military pilots) 2 full years at GoJet Airlines and or at least 1 year after completing a Captain upgrade.
  • Pilot must maintain a good record with GoJet Airlines while in the program.

Delta Application Review

  • Pilots are able to opt-in to Delta Air Lines guaranteed application review program affiliated with the Propel Program.
  • 15 Pilots will have their application reviewed by Delta Air Lines Every Month.
  • Pilots must opt-in to the program

Rotatory Transition Program

  • Allows rotary military pilots to come in with a minimum of 500 hours TT to get all of their PIC fixed wing time and total time up to 750 hours to qualify for the restricted ATP license.
  • GoJet Airlines sponsors all of the required training, check rides and time building, up to $51,000 in funding
  • Pilots can train at a partner school or at any school of their choice near home.
  • Already qualified military candidates receive up to 6 months early seniority.

Wingman Program

  • GoJet Airlines internship program invites all qualified active aviators to apply and become a part of the GoJet Airlines team.
  • Applications are accepted at www.gojetairlines.com / careers / apply now / Wingman Intern.
  • Wingman candidates are invited to HQ in St. Louis over a weekend to meet and greet with management and tour GoJet Airlines different departments.
  • Wingman candidates get the opportunity to fly the CRJ700 full monition simulator at Flight Safety International
  • Wingman candidates received limited travel benefits.
  • Eligible for a $2500 referral bonus per candidate, the bonus gets paid out if the Wingman after completed First Officer training if he/she decides to stay with GoJet Airlines.

Qualifications for the Wingman Program are:

  • PPL with IR.
  • Be able to pass an exam for a first class medical.
  • Be in good standing with his/her flight school or university.
  • Actively be flying and building flight time.
  • GoJet Airlines has no contract or commitments with the Wingman Intern, the intern is free to end the internship at any time without any consequences.

CASS access on participated U.S. airlines

GoJet Airlines PAYSCALES

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17 111     
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14 103     
13 100     
12 97     
11 94     
10 91     
9 88     
8 85     
7 83     
6 80     
5 78     
4 76     
3 73     
2 71     
1 69     
6 45     
5 44     
4 42     
3 41     
2 39     
1 37     

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Pay Rate:

Credit Time:

Bid Periods:



Most Junior Captain Hired: New Direct Entry Captains Every Class

  • 100% pay protected and 4-hour min per day.
  • Deadhead pay 100%.
  • Premium pay has been at 150 – 300% depending on operational needs
  • 150% Junior Assignment pay.
  • 150% Extension Pay and Voluntary Open Time.
  • 100% cancellation pay.
  • Clear Customs Pay and drug test pay – 18 min per turn.
  • Block or better flight time pay.
  • Minimum Monthly Guarantee (MMG) – All min guarantee is 75 across the board for new hire reserve and line holder.
  • Days Off – 11-day min off for reserve and 12 for line holders on 31-day month
  • Doctor’s Note – If required company pays for the visit.
  • 4-night Commuter Hotel per month (Paid by the company)





    • 50% match up to 4% (2%) after completing 9 months through 2 years of service.
    • 50% match up to 6% (3%) starting at the beginning of year 3 through 6 years of service. 
    • 50% match up to 8% (4%) starting at the beginning of year 7.

    401K Matching: Yes

    A/B Fund: