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GoJet Airlines

Bridgeton, MO

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  • GoJet is owned by Trans States Holdings, Inc. (who also owns Trans States Airlines and Compass Airlines)
  • Code Share partners are Delta Airlines & United Airlines.  
  • A new five-year contract was ratified by the pilot group in March 2016
  • GoJet Airlines will be recruiting and conducting onsite interviews at the following FREE FAPA.aero Pilot Job Fairs. You're welcome to attend even if you are not ready for an interview. Register Here!
    • Chicago on September 30, 2017
    • Orlando on October 28, 2017
    • Honolulu on November 11, 2017
    • Dallas/Fort Worth on December 9, 2017
    • San Diego on January 20, 2017
  • Crew Bases : STL , ORD , DEN , DTW , RDU 
  • Currently offering a $12,000 signing bonus with an additional $3,000 training bonus for pilots with a current CL-65 or ERJ-170 type rating
  • Premium pay at 150 – 200 %
  • 150% Junior Assignment pay, Extension Pay and Voluntary Open Time
  • 100% cancellation pay, 100 % Training pay (75 hr guarantee paid during training) 75 hour guarantee on line as well. 
  • Single Occupancy hotel rooms during training
  • Commuter Policy - 4 hotel rooms per month
  • Upgrade time – 12 Months on average
  • IATA code: G7; ICAO code: GJS
  • ATC callsign: "Lindbergh"
  • This page last updated: September 18, 2017 (Quicktake)
Total: 580
Active: 580
Furloughed: 0
CRJ700: 47
CRJ900: 7
Is Hiring?: Yes

GoJet Airlines will be recruiting and conducting onsite interviews at the following FREE FAPA.aero Pilot Job Fairs. You're welcome to attend even if you are not ready for an interview. Register Here!

  • Boston on July 22, 2017

  • Seattle on August 25, 2017

Check the website for current information www.gojetairlines.com 


Offering a $12,000 signing bonus for First Officers

$5,000 Type Rating bonus for any Captains or First Officers that have a CL-65 type rating

$10,000 Referral / Mentor Bonus for current GoJet pilots.

Open time paid at 200%

Newhires can upgrade as soon as they have the flight time requirements. First year captains make $68.23/hr. For FOs who meet the flight time requirements but do not hire in as street captains, upgrade time is 2 months or less depending on the next available system vacancy. 

Upgrading 10 pilots a month for rest of the year. 


The hotel used during training is the Extended Stay America. Basic Indoc training is held at the GoJet Airlines Training Center in St. Louis, MO. Systems, ground school and simulator training is at the Flight Safety facility.

$300 in uniforms annually.

Housing during training is paid for. Single Occupancy hotel rooms

New-hire training pay for the month of training is a 75-hour guarantee at $36.50/hr.


FO: 1,500 TT, 100ME

Preferred mins: ATP or R-ATP, turbine experience, two-year associate degree or equivalent

CATP: the requirement is now 3500TT. You could get hired with 1500TT+1000 w/company=2500+1000credit=3500 NEW total requirement. Aka: 3500 req for upgrade, 1000 of which is 1:1 company credit

Hire with 23 ME time and use up to 25 SIM time to reach ATP min 50 ME. Also the same if hired with 1475.

Captain upgrade mins are 2500TT with 1000 hours Turbine 121 Time. Captain Upgrades are running at 12 months on average.

Previous requirements are not disregarded. 


List at ticket counter or gate. Must hold a current reciprocal agreement with GoJet Airlines to request jumpseat travel. CASS participant.

GoJet Airlines PAYSCALES

18 113     
17 110     
16 107     
15 105     
14 102     
13 99     
12 96     
11 93     
10 90     
9 87     
8 85     
7 82     
6 80     
5 77     
4 75     
3 73     
2 70     
1 68     
6 45     
5 44     
4 42     
3 41     
2 39     
1 37     

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Pay Rate:

Credit Time:

Bid Periods:



Most junior captain (non-direct entry) hired: June 2016

100 percent pay protected and 4 hour min day

Deadhead 75% and 100% in 2 yrs, plus holiday pay

Premium Pay – Open Time 150% Flagged Trips 200%

Clear Customs Pay and drug test pay – 18 min per turn

Flight Pay based on Marketing Times not Average Segment Times so its Block or better

Minimum Monthly Guarantee(MMG) – All min guarantee are 75 across the board for new hire reserve and line holder

Days Off – 11 day min off for Resv and 12 for line holders on 31 day month

Doctor’s Note – If required company pays for the visit

Increased Uniform Bank cap increased to $400

4 night Commuter Hotel per month (Paid by the company) 





50% match up to 4% (2%) after completing 9 months through 2 years of service
50% match up to 6% (3%) starting at the beginning of year 3 through 6 years of service
50% match up to 8% (4%) starting at the beginning of year 7

401K Matching: Yes

A/B Fund: