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Bridgeton, MO

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  • GoJet Airlines is revolutionizing regional flying with the premium CRJ-550 aircraft for United Airlines
  • Operating 50 CRJ 550’s growing to 74 CRJ 550’s by the end of summer 2022
  • 10-year contract with United Airlines
  • Crew Bases ORD | STL | EWR 
  • Codeshare partner: United Airlines 
  • A new five-year contract was ratified by the pilot group in March 2016
  • Sponsors the required ATP-CTP course for new hires.
  • United Aviate Partner – A Direct Path to the United Flight Deck
  • Most junior base – EWR / ORD anticipated for 2021
  • Direct Entry Captain positions are available 
  • Longevity Match program for Direct Entry Captain at a rate of 1:1, includes pay rate, sick time & vacation accrual
  • Premium pay has been at 150 – 300% depending on operational needs
  • 150% Junior Assignment pay
  • 150% Extension Pay and Voluntary Open Time
  • 100% cancellation pay
  • 100% Deadhead pay
  • Guaranteed a minimum 75 hours pay as a First Officer or Direct Entry Captain during Training, on reserve & on line.
  • Single Occupancy hotel rooms during training
  • Commuter Policy - 4 hotel rooms per month
  • Upgrade time has been reduced to 1750 hours (1000 of which must be fixed-wing), 1000 hours multi-engine, 1000 Turbine, and 1000 hours Air Carrier or an average of 1 - 2 years
  • This page last updated: January 3, 2022 (Payscales)

Total: 500
Active: 500
Furloughed: 0
CRJ 550: 50
Is Hiring?: Yes

Apply on Airline Apps and an Executive Pilot Recruiter in your territory will be in touch.


First Officer 1465 TT, 25 ME with a CPL. Or R-ATP mins.

Captain 1750 TT, 1000 Air Carrier Time or 1000 Multi-Engine, 1000 Fixed Wing, 1000 Turbine & FAA Part 121 requirements


Pathway Programs

Spirit Pilot Pathway Program

  • Allows the pilot to fly with Spirit Airlines after successfully completing their talent assessment online test.
  • After completing 2 full years at GoJet Airlines and or at least 1 year after completing a Captain upgrade.
  • Pilot must maintain a good record with GoJet Airlines while in the program.

Atlas Air Pilot Pathway Program

  • Allows the pilot to fly with Atlas Air after successfully completing a preferential interview
  • After completing (1 year for military pilots) 2 full years at GoJet Airlines and or at least 1 year after completing a Captain upgrade.
  • Pilot must maintain a good record with GoJet Airlines while in the program.

Wingman Program

  • GoJet Airlines internship program invites all qualified active aviators to apply and become a part of the GoJet Airlines team.
  • Applications are accepted at www.gojetairlines.com / careers / apply now / Wingman Intern.
  • Wingman candidates are invited to HQ in St. Louis over a weekend to meet and greet with management and tour GoJet Airlines different departments.
  •  Wingman candidates get the opportunity to fly the CRJ700 full monition simulator at Flight Safety International
  • Wingman candidates received limited travel benefits.
  • Eligible for a $2500 referral bonus per candidate, the bonus gets paid out if the Wingman after completed First Officer training if he/she decides to stay with GoJet Airlines. 

Qualifications for the Wingman Program are:

  • PPL with IR.
  • Be able to pass an exam for a first class medical.
  • Be in good standing with his/her flight school or university.
  • Actively be flying and building flight time.
  • GoJet Airlines has no contract or commitments with the Wingman Intern, the intern is free to end the internship at any time without any consequences.


List on UA App/Flying Together or offline pilot walk up



GoJet Airlines PAYSCALES

18 119     
17 118     
16 116     
15 115     
14 113     
13 111     
12 109     
11 106     
10 104     
9 101     
8 99     
7 96     
6 94     
5 91     
4 89     
3 87     
2 85     
1 83     
6 55     
5 55     
4 55     
3 55     
2 52     
1 50     

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Pay Rate:

Credit Time:

Bid Periods:



Monthly Pay Guarantee for Line Holders:

75 monthly minimum guarantee

Monthly Pay Guarantee for Reserves: 

75 monthly minimum guarantee

Scheduled pay raises: Contractual yearly/Personal longevity 


    Domestic Per Diem (Hourly):




    • 50% match up to 4% (2%) after completing 9 months through 2 years of service.
    • 50% match up to 6% (3%) starting at the beginning of year 3 through 6 years of service. 
    • 50% match up to 8% (4%) starting at the beginning of year 7.

    401K Matching: Yes

    A/B Fund:



    Hiring Direct Entry Captains and First Officers

    Bi-weekly classes: 30/class

    Only regional airline to fly the CRJ-550 – United’s top-rated aircraft

    Growing fleet to a total of 74 aircraft by 2022

    Newest United Aviate Partner 

    Longest contract in the industry