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Mesa Airlines

Phoenix, AZ

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  • Mesa Airlines will be adding 20 brand new E175 LL aircraft under the United Express banner.
  • New aircraft will have a 12 year operating agreement with United Airlines and feature 70 seats in a three-class configuration.
  • Deliveries are scheduled to begin in May 2020 at a rate of 2 to 3 E-Jets per month.
  • Mesa Airlines currently operates 60 E175s and 20 CRJ700s for United Airlines as well as 64 CRJ900s for American Airlines.
  • The 20 CRJ700s will be replaced by the 20 (70 seat configuration) E175s in 2020.
  • The contract for 42 of the 60 E175s Mesa currently operates has been extended for 5 years.
  • The contract for the other 18 E175s does not expire until 2028.
  • The deliveries of the 20 new E175s in 2020 will bring the Mesa Airlines Embraer fleet to 80 aircraft making Mesa Airlines the largest E175 operator in the United Express portfolio.
  • Mesa Airlines is a United Express Aviate partner. Get hired with United Airlines as a First Officer! Must apply, pass a panel and technical skill interview, personality and cultural fit assessments, and meet flight hour and time requirements under the United Express banner of 2000 hours and 24 months.
  • Up to $50,000 in Sign-On bonuses. $22,500 paid out at the completion of IOE and $20,000 paid at the end of year three if a pilot has not met Captain upgrade requirements. $5,000 for pilots who are type rated in a CRJ or ERJ and have a minimum of 500 hours of part 121 flight time in type with an additional $2,500 for CL-65 rated pilots who choose the CRJ.
  • Pilot Referral Bonus Program: Mesa pilots receive $5000 for referring new hire pilots who are successful in the interview process and new hire training (paid out in 3 installments: $2500, $1250, $1250)
  • Hired by line pilots, trained by line pilots. High training success rate executed by company pilots.
  • Company paid ATP-CTP course for pilots needing to take the ATP written knowledge exam. (Includes full pay, transportation, and lodging during the course).
  • Minimum 11 days off for line and reserve pilots per calendar month.
  • Monthly Line Guarantee 76 hours.
  • Fast upgrade times! (Less than 18 months from Date of Hire)
  • All First Officers applying for Captain upgrade receive CA pay upon arrival to upgrade training.
  • Mesa Airlines allows you to choose your aircraft (CRJ or E-Jet)              
  • Mesa Airlines domiciles: IAD, IAH (United Express) DFW, PHX, SDF (American Eagle)
  • 6 Incentive Paid Holidays per Year (New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas).
  • Company paid single occupancy hotel room during initial new hire training and all subsequent training events
  • 200% and 300% Premium Pay Rates for Incentive Flying.
  • Pilots receive unlimited travel benefits including CASS and KCM privileges
  • Travel benefits on our code share partners for registered family members and/or guests (spouse, domestic partner, children, parents, friends)
  • MYID90 Travel flight benefits for pilots and registered family members.                 
  • Mesa Airlines offers competitive benefits including: medical, dental, vision, flexible spending accounts, life insurance, and 401 (K)
  • 100% Cancellation Pay including Block or Better Pay.
  • Unlimited “commuter” hotels covered by company during busy flying months and an “Unable to Commute” Policy in place for pilots unsuccessful in commuting into base
  • Paid Parking in Pilot's domicile or in Pilot's commuting airport.
  • $40 Continuous Monthly Payment for iPad EFB Reimbursement.
  • IATA code: YV; ICAO code: ASH; ATC call-sign: "Air Shuttle"
  • Employee Discounts with the following companies: API Hotel Express, Choice Hotels, Marriott, Wyndham Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Airport Hotel Discounts, Perx, Crew Connected, Interliner, Grand Canyon/Scenic Airlines, Aero-Marine Interline, Open-Skies Online, Chase Mortgage, Grand Canyon University, AT&T, Avis/Dollar/Thrifty/Budget Rental Car, FEDEX, Fromyouflowers.com, 1-800-FLOWERS, [email protected], The Employee Network, Staff Travel Voyage, Airline Staff Rates, American Benefits Hub, United Discount Leisure Travel Program, DARGAL Interline Worldwide, TWINHILL Uniform Discounts, Monterrey Bay Aquarium, Working Advantage, Desert Monsters Tours, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, and Quicken Loans.
  • CrashPad Assistance Program: Mesa Airlines covers 50% of your CrashPad cost up to $125 for the first 6 months as a new hire.
  • This page last updated: January 2, 2020. (Quicktake, Pilots, Retirement, and Hiring)         

Total: 1400
Active: 1400
Furloughed: 0
CRJ200: 1
CRJ700: 20
CRJ900: 64
EMB175: 60
Is Hiring?: Yes

Hiring 50/month

Captain Seniority Hire Dates:

  • DFW CA: April 26, 2019
  • PHX CA: August 17, 2018
  • SDF CA: July 13, 2018
  • IAD CA: November 2, 2018
  • IAH CA: October 12, 2018

First Officer Seniority Hire Dates:

  • DFW FO: November 22, 2019
  • PHX FO: December 14, 2018
  • SDF FO: September 13, 2019
  • IAD FO: November 1, 2019
  • IAH FO: November 22, 2019

List at counter or gate. CASS participant.

Mesa Airlines PAYSCALES

  CRJ700 CRJ900 E175   
20   99 111 111   
19   98 108 108   
18   96 105 105   
17   95 103 103   
16   93 101 101   
15   92 98 98   
14   89 96 96   
13   87 94 94   
12   84 92 92   
11   82 89 89   
10   80 86 86   
9   77 84 84   
8   75 81 81   
7   73 79 79   
6   71 77 77   
5   69 75 75   
4   67 73 73   
3   65 71 71   
2   64 69 69   
1   62 66 66   
20 52     
19 52     
18 52     
17 52     
16 52     
15 52     
14 51     
13 50     
12 49     
11 47     
10 45     
9 44     
8 43     
7 42     
6 41     
5 39     
4 38     
3 38     
2 38     
1 36     

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Pay Rate:

Credit Time:

Bid Periods:



Monthly guarantee: 76 hours
Reserve guarantee: 76 hours

Pilot New Hire Sign-On Bonus:

$50,000 bonus with $22,500 paid out at the completion of IOE and $20,000 paid at the end of year three if a pilot INELIGIBLE FOR UPGRADE to captain. Additional $2,500 sign on bonus for CL-65 rated pilots who choose the CRJ. $5,000 additional for pilots who are type rated on the CRJ, E175 or E145 and have a minimum of 500 hours of part 121 flying in type.

All pilots guaranteed 11 days of per month. Reserve or line holder.

Company provides single-occupancy room during initial training

All reserve, sick and vacation pay is paid applicable rate.100% Cancellation Pay


5-A Per-Diem

5-A-1 When a pilot, other than a new-hire pilot in training until such new hire pilot begins IOE, is away from his permanent domicile in connection with normal flight assignments, he shall receive a per hour expense allowance, calculated as beginning when he is required to report for duty or when he actually reports for suty, whichever is later, and ending at block-in plus fifteen (15) minutes at his permanent domicile. The hourly rate will be prorated for fractions of an hour. 

5-A-2 The per hour expense allowance as described herein shall be as follows:

    • 5-A-2-a Per Diem Amounts
      • DOS $1.60 plus $40/month iPad reimbursment allowance
      • DOS+1 $1.65 plus $40/month iPad reimbursment allowance
      • DOS+2 $1.70 plus $40/month iPad reimbursment allowance
      • DOS+3 $1.70 plus $40/month iPad reimbursment allowance
    • 5-A-2-b This amount (excluding the iPad Allowance) shall be increased on an annual basis by the Consumer Price Index, on the anniversary date of the execution of this agreement. The iPad allowance shall continue to be $40/month (non-taxable)

5-A-3 When a pilot incurs covered exenses other than during normal flight assignments, he will receive the hourly allowance shown in Paragraph 5-A-2 above for that period of time beginning when he departs his permanent domicile and ending when he arrives back at his permanent domicile and duties off



Pilot Contribution up to 6%, Company Contribution %50 for pilots 1-9 years.

Pilot Contribution up to 10%, Company Contribution %50 for pilots with 10 years of service or more

401K Matching: Yes

A/B Fund: