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Piedmont Airlines

Salisbury, MD

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  • 15k Signing bonus for all pilots
  • Hiring Direct Entry Captains (15k bonus)
  • Hiring Near Entry Captains (10k bonus)
  • E145 Type Rating ($7500 bonus)
  • $51.01 per hour first year, First Officer pay
  • $85.50-$110.50
  • $22,500 for Piedmont Cadets
  • More than $150,000 in eligible bonus package
    • $15,000 signing bonus for all new pilots
    • $30,000 upgrade bonus for Piedmont Captains
    • $70,000 flow bonus to American Airlines
    • $50,000 additional bonus paid at flow, earned pro-rata with qualifying hours over two years at Piedmont
  • Additional bonus opportunities 
    • $10,000 Near Entry Captain
    • $7,500 type rating bonus for pilots already qualified on E145
    • $15,000 bonus for Direct Entry Captains
  • $10,000 referral bonus for each pilot referred by Piedmont team members
  • Per diem is $1.70
  • Hub bases only (PHL, CLT)
  • Seniority based no interview flow to American Airlines
  • Upgrade to Captain based on seniority when you reach 1000 Part 121 hours and 2500 total time
  • Fleet of 55 Embraer 145s
  • EFBs provided to all pilots
  • All pilots receive American Airlines profit sharing
  • No training contract. Single occupancy hotel rooms during training with pay and per diem. Training is conducted at American Airlines Training Center in CLT.
  • Up to 2 hotel rooms provided per month for commuting pilots. Commuter clause protections for attempt to meet trip by listing for 2 flights.
  • IATA code: PT; ICAO code: PDT
  • ATC call sign: "Piedmont"
  • This page was last updated: December 23, 2021 (Quicktake, Paynotes)
    Total: 746
    Active: 746
    Furloughed: 0
    EMB145: 60
    Is Hiring?: Yes

    Hiring directly into Embraer 145

    New-hire FOs paid $51/hr. including 75-hr guarantee during training.

    Seniority based, no-interview flow to American Airlines

    List at ticket counter or gate. Unlimited jumpseats. CASS participant.

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    Pay Rate:

    Credit Time:

    Bid Periods:



    $15,000 signing bonus for new hire pilots.

    Seniority based, no-interview flow to American Airlines

    No training contract AQP training; 12 month recurrent

    Company paid, single-occupancy hotel rooms provided during initial training

    Reserve pilot schedules have a minimum of 11 days off per month

    Paid the greater of scheduled or actual block 100% trip cancellation pay, as well as deadhead pay and relocation pay.

    Opportunities for 300% + premium pay for added flying on scheduled days off.

    First year vacation is 5 days pro-rated; second year is 10 days. Any vacation days placed on trip drop remainder of trip.

    2 commuter hotel rooms offered per month

    Life and disability insurance offered at no cost. Non-revenue travel on all flights operated by American Airlines, American Eagle.

    Future contractual pay raises: yearly through 2023

    Most Junior Captain hired:

    PHL EMB-145: November 2018

    University and Flight Academy Partnerships

    The Piedmont Pilot Cadet Program allows a Cadet to begin receiving partial tuition reimbursement starting at 500 hours. Then, once ATP/R-ATP minimums are met, Piedmont pays for the ATP-CTP course for the Cadet to take the ATP written and become a first officer. View Piedmont’s Cadet Careers page for more details.

    ATP Tuition Reimbursement Program

    Piedmont has partnered with ATP Flight Schools to provide a seamless transition from flight training to becoming an airline pilot while providing partial tuition reimbursement payments as candidates build their flight time.





    Per Diem International override $10.00/Overnight 



    401K Year 0 = No match, 1% company contribution. Year 1-2 = 50% match up to 6%, 

    1% company contribution on top of this. Year 3-8 = 50% match up to 9%, 1% company match on top of this. Year 9+ = 50% match up to 10%, 1% company match on top of this.

    401K Matching: Yes

    A/B Fund: