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Piedmont Airlines

Salisbury, MD

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  • $60,000 first year FO pay with all bonuses
  • Upgrade to Captain as soon as you reach 1000 Part 121 hours.
  • Wholly-owned subsidiary of American Airlines Group (AAG)
  • Expanding fleet of Embraer 145s – ongoing deliveries through 2019
  • E145 deliveries ongoing at 2 per month.
  • Dash 8 DHC8-300 is fully retired
  • Guaranteed job at American Airlines in approximately 5 years
  • Up to $21,200 signing bonus for new hire pilots
  • Up to $44,200 signing bonus for Direct Entry Captains
  • $20,000 First Officer Retention Bonus
  • $7,500 Captain Retention Bonus
  • EFBs provided to all pilots
  • All pilots receive American Airlines profit sharing
  • Piedmont’s performance bonus consists of a D:0 target bonus (on time departures), T:0 target bonus (turn time) CCF target bonus (controllable completion factor) and RS target bonus (right start).
  • If one of the targets is met for the month, all employees are paid $50. If two targets are met, $100, if three are met, $150.  The bonuses are paid out monthly.
  • No training contract. Single occupancy hotel rooms during training with pay and per diem. Training is conducted at American Airlines Training Center in CLT.
  • Simulator training done in  PHX, STL, and CLT
  • Up to 2 hotel rooms provided per month for commuting pilots. Commuter clause protections for attempt to meet trip by listing for 2 flights.
  • IATA code: US; ICAO code: PDT
  • ATC call sign: "Piedmont"
  • Total number of pilots to be based in PHL is 600
  • This page was last updated: April 25, 2019 (Quicktake, Hiring and Fleet)

    Total: 746
    Active: 746
    Furloughed: 0
    EMB145: 60
    Is Hiring?: Yes

    Hiring direct entry captains

    Hiring directly into Embraer 145

    New-hire FOs paid $40.16/hr. including 75-hr guarantee during training.

    Upgrade to captain in 12 – 15 months; sooner with previous 121 experience

    Seniority based, no-interview flow to American Airlines

    Apply online

    Minimums: 1,500TT, 50ME, 250PIC, COMM/INST/ME with completed ATP written

    Preferred Mins: 100ME, College Grad with Aviation Degree, Current employment in an active flying position

    Joint agreement between Piedmont ALPA, Piedmont, and American Airlines allows a pilot who is in status for 12 mos eligible to flow to American Airlines, with no additional interview required.

    Piedmont interview gouge

    List at ticket counter or gate. Unlimited jumpseats. CASS participant.

    Piedmont Airlines PAYSCALES

    ERJ 145     
    20 93     
    19 93     
    18 93     
    17 93     
    16 93     
    15 93     
    14 93     
    13 93     
    12 93     
    11 91     
    10 88     
    9 86     
    8 82     
    7 79     
    6 76     
    5 73     
    4 71     
    3 65     
    2 63     
    1 58     
    ERJ 145     
    20 42     
    19 42     
    18 42     
    17 42     
    16 42     
    15 42     
    14 42     
    13 42     
    12 42     
    11 42     
    10 42     
    9 42     
    8 42     
    7 42     
    6 42     
    5 42     
    4 42     
    3 42     
    2 42     
    1 39     

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    Pay Rate:

    Credit Time:

    Bid Periods:



    Up to $20,000 signing bonus for new hire pilots.

    Seniority based, no-interview flow to American Airlines

    No training contract AQP training; 12 month recurrent

    Company paid, single-occupancy hotel rooms provided during initial training

    Reserve pilot schedules have a minimum of 11 days off per month

    Paid the greater of scheduled or actual block 100% trip cancellation pay, as well as deadhead pay and relocation pay.

    Opportunities for 300% + premium pay for added flying on scheduled days off.

    First year vacation is 5 days pro-rated; second year is 10 days. Any vacation days placed on trip drop remainder of trip. 

    2 Commuter hotel rooms offered per month

    Life and disability insurance offered at no cost. Non-revenue travel on all flights operated by American Airlines, American Eagle.

    Future contractual pay raises: yearly through 2018

    Most Junior Captain hired:
    PHL EMB-145: May 2018 

    University and Flight Academy Partnerships

    The newly announced Piedmont Pilot Cadet Program allows a Cadet Instructor to begin receiving partial tuition reimbursement starting at 500 hours total time of up to $5,000.  Then, once ATP/R-ATP minimums are met, Piedmont pays for the ATP-CTP course for the Cadet to take the ATP written and become a first officer. An additional $6,000 in tuition reimbursement is paid as a lump sum on the first day of first officer new hire class at Piedmont.

    View Piedmont’s Cadet Careers page for more details.

    ATP Tuition Reimbursement Program

    Piedmont has partnered with ATP Flight Schools to provide a seamless transition from flight training to becoming an airline pilot while providing partial tuition reimbursement payments as candidates build their flight time. 



    Per Diem International override $10.00/Overnight 



    401K Year 0 = No match, 1% company contribution. Year 1-2 = 50% match up to 6%, 

    1% company contribution on top of this. Year 3-8 = 50% match up to 9%, 1% company match on top of this. Year 9+ = 50% match up to 10%, 1% company match on top of this.

    401K Matching: Yes

    A/B Fund: