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Salisbury, MD

  • You want to be paid what you're worth. Piedmont pilots are among the highest paid in the regional industry. First Officers start at $96/hour, and Captains earn $153.75/hour in year one. Plus, we'll make sure your previous Part 121, 135, or 91k experience is recognized with additional compensation. Email [email protected] to connect with a recruiter.


    • $96 per hour first year, First Officer pay
    • $153.75 per hour first year, Captain pay
    • $1.90 per diem
    • Bring your longevity from another 121 carrier and earn even more
    • No training contracts
    • $15,000 for Cadets who join the Piedmont Airlines Cadet Program.

Captain Wage Rates

First Officer Wage Rates


Unparalleled Medical and Retirement Benefits

·        Medical insurance plan with a zero-dollar deductible.

·        Employer pays 67% of the cost for employee.

·        Prescription and vision included.

·        Additional lower cost plans available.

·        Dental Insurance available with no-cost preventative care.

·        100% company paid life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment

·        100% company paid short- and long-term disability coverage

·        401(k) available and company contribution of 4% after one year of service

Other Benefits

·        Advanced Qualification Program Training

·        ATP/CTP provided

·        Minimum Day-4.0 hours flight pay

·        75 Hour minimum guarantee per month

·        65% of Hard Lines will contain 12 days off

o   11 Minimum Days off

o   Hard Lines will not contain out-of-base trips

·        Long Call Reserve Available

·        Holiday Pay paid at 150% of base rate

·        A commitment to a contractual no interview five-year flow to American.

·        Pilots who do not flow after completing five full years of service will move to top of scale Captain pay ($213 per hour)

·        Compensation for First Officers to get paid on the Captain scale at 750 flight hours

·        Commutable Trips and Bases (PHL, CLT, MDT)

o   Commuter hotel rooms. 6 per quarter (hub domiciles)

o   4 per month (non-hub domiciles)

o   Generous commuter clause

·        Non-Revenue Travel on all American Airlines flights

o   Priority is based on time of check-in, not seniority

o   Flight Benefits include spouse/domestic partner/registered companion, children, parents/parent-in-laws, Priority on JetBlue

·        EFBs provided to all pilots

·        All pilots receive American Airlines profit sharing

·        Single occupancy hotel rooms during training with pay and per diem.

·        Training is conducted at American Airlines Training Center in CLT.

·        Click here for more information about our Cadet Program.

·        IATA code: PT; ICAO code: PDT

·        ATC call sign: "Piedmont"

·        This Page was last updated: March 20, 2023 (Quicktake)

Company Website

Total: 791
Active: 791
Furloughed: 0
EMB145: 57
Is Hiring?: Yes

  • No vaccines required for employees or new hires
  • Hiring Direct Entry Captains, Near Entry Captains, select international visa holders and Cadets
  • All Cadets please apply via AirlineApps.com. This program is open to all flight schools, colleges, universities and non 121 flying positions. Build your time your way (CFI, Pipeline, Banner, 135, etc.) 
  • All international visa applicants must meet all hiring and Visa requirements prior to hire. Contact [email protected]  before applying to the first officer application via AirlineApps.com

Minimum Requirements: 

·       ATP requirements or the restricted ATP requirements.

·       25 hours Multi-Engine required (actual, not simulator).

·       FCC restricted radio operator’s permit.

·       First Class medical.

·       Valid Passport

·       Must be able to demonstrate that you are authorized to work in the US


For More Information visit: https://piedmont-airlines.com/


List at ticket counter or gate. Unlimited jumpseats. CASS participant.

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Pay Notes

·       $96 per hour first year, First Officer pay

·       $153.75 per hour first year, Captain pay

·       $1.90 per diem

·       Bring your longevity from another 121 carrier and earn even more

·       No training contracts



Monthly Pay Guarantee for Line Holders: 75 hours per month

Monthly Pay Guarantee for Reserves: 75 hours per month

Domestic Per Diem (Hourly): $1.90

International Per Diem (Hourly): $1.90



Company match is based on years of service.

401K Matching: Yes

A/B Fund: