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    The ABSOLUTE BEST PLACE FOR PILOTS: PSA is NOW offering UNRIVALED Career Trajectory, TRANSFORMATIVE Industry Pay, Valuable  QUALITY OF LIFE benefits, and continued STABILITY of AMERICAN AIRLINES.


    PSA is offering transformative industry pay.  To easily determine total bonuses and pay rates that apply based on qualifications and experience, use the PSA Compensation Calculator here: https://psaairlines.com/pilot-wage-calculator

    Effective 6/15/22: 121 Longevity Match – Any prior active years of service as a pilot at another Part 121 air carrier are applied when calculating years of service for Compensation, Vacation, and Retirement upon joining PSA Airlines as a new-hire pilot

    Effective 6/15/22: Begin receiving Captain pay at 750 hours (i.e., applicable Part 121.436 flight time for PIC qualification)

    Effective 6/15/22:  First Officer wages starting at $90/hour

    Effective 6/15/22:  Captain wages starting at $146/hour

    Effective 6/15/22:  Line Check Airmen receive a 200% pay credit ($425/hour)

    First Officers (All Equipment)

    Captains (All Equipment)

    Up to $187,500 in bonuses

    o High Experience Bonus, $10,000 for those with at least 600 hours of qualified FAR 121 experience.

    o Direct Entry Captain Bonus, $15,000 for those with at least 1,000 qualifying FAR 121 Hours 

    o Sign-on Bonus, $15,000 with $10,000 after training completion and $5,000 at one-year anniversary.

    o CRJ-Type Rating Bonus, $7,500 for pilots with qualified CRJ-type rating.

    o Effective 6/15/22:  Pilot Retention Bonus Program, up to $150,000, now pays out sooner and includes:

    $15,000 bonus at one-year FO anniversary

    $30,000 bonus at 950 hours 

    $40,000 bonus at one-year Upgrade anniversary

    $40,000 bonus at two-year upgrade anniversary

    $25,000 bonus at Flow or on date of direct hire at American Airlines

    Comprehensive Benefits Package including medical, dental and vision insurance, 401K (with company matching), earned vacation and luggage and uniform allowance

    Non-revenue travel on all American flights (domestic and international) 

    o Priority is based on 24-hour check-in, not seniority 

    o Benefits for: spouse/domestic partner/registered companion, children, parents/parent-in-laws; Priority on JetBlue


    Effective 6/15/22:  Line Check Airmen at PSA earn a 200% pay credit ($425/hour)

    Effective 6/15/22: 121 Longevity Match – Any prior active years of service as a pilot at another Part 121 air carrier are applied when calculating years of service for Compensation, Vacation, and Retirement upon joining PSA Airlines as a new-hire pilot. 

    Effective 6/15/22: Enhanced Flow program to American Airlines, and commitment to flow to the mainline in five years

    Quick upgrade time: 18-24 months, on average 

    Career opportunities developing the next generation of pilots as a Line Check Airman, Chief Pilot, SIM Instructor, Ground Instructor 

    AQP-style training 

    Paid training with rolling 24/7 per diem and single-occupancy hotel rooms 

    ATP CTP course provided by ATP Flight School Dallas

    o Sheppard Air included

    o Written exam paid for 


    In addition to industry-leading pay, quality of life benefits at PSA just got better:

    • Generous Commuter Policy: $250 monthly reimbursement for registered Commuters

    - CASS system that allows jump seat travel on other commercial and cargo airlines (ALPA jump seat tool)

             - Proof of two options to get into base prior to show time

    • Commuter Friendly Bases: CLT, DCA, PHL, DAY

    • 200% Premium Holiday Pay for critical days

    • 300-Hour Sick Bank Buyout: unused sick days are paid out at 50% when you transition to American

    • Deadhead segments at 100% pay credit

    • Coming Soon: Preferential Bidding System offering schedule flexibility

    • Coming Soon: Minimum of 12 days off per month

    • Long Call Reserve: At least 12 hours’ notice before your trip assignment

    • Coming Soon: Enhanced Duty RIG/Trip RIG

             - Duty RIG: one hour of credit for every two hours of duty

             - Trip RIG: one hour of credit for every four hours away from base


    Guaranteed flow to American Airlines within five years or receive top-of-scale wages ($213.75)

    PSA Airlines is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Airlines Group

    American’s network relies on heavily on its regional carriers, which operate approximately 50% of their flights. PSA serves a vital role in that operation, feeding American’s main hubs in CLT, DCA and PHL. 

    American is committed to investing in PSA’s growth with four new CRJ 900 aircraft transferring to the airline’s certificate in 3Q22 that will enter service in 1Q23. 


    PSA is hiring for all Pilot positions

    o First Officers

    o Experienced First Officers with 600+ hours of 121 flying experience within the last five years receive a $10,000 experience bonus

    o Direct Entry Captains (with accelerated paths to become a Line Check Airman available), (1000+ hours of 121 flying experience within the last five years required)

    PSA is now accepting applications from Australian pilots eligible for an E-3 Visa. E-3 Visa applicants must meet all hiring and Visa requirements prior to hire. Complete the First Officer application and a member of our recruiting team will reach out regarding next steps. 

    PSA has a Cadet Program that is open to all colleges, flight schools and universities, offering $15,000 for tuition reimbursement. 

    $5,000 Referral bonus available for all team members who refer qualified Direct Entry Captains, High Experience First Officers with at least 600 qualifying FAR 121 hours, or Line Check Airmen from July 1, 2022, to Sept. 30, 2022.


    Email: [email protected]

    Website: https://bit.ly/3N7My8I 

    Connect with a Live Recruiter: 937-476-1418

    Text "PSAJobs" or "PSAPilots" to 97211 to Apply

    Social Media 

    o Instagram: @psaairlines

    o LinkedIn: PSA Airlines

    o Facebook: PSA Airlines 

    o Twitter: @psaairlinesinc

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    Total: 1741
    Active: 1741
    Furloughed: 0
    CRJ700: 61
    CRJ900: 69
    Is Hiring?: Yes

    Bi weekly classes.

    No vaccines required for employees or new hires

    Apply: https://bit.ly/3N7My8I

    Qualifications: - 1,000 FAR 121 Hours - 2,500 hours of total flight time - First Class Medical - 500 hours multi-engine turbine

    Minimum Requirements: 

    • ATP requirements or the restricted ATP requirements.
    • 25 hours Multi-Engine required (actual, not simulator).
    • FCC restricted radio operator’s permit.
    • First Class medical (must not expire within the first 2 months of employment).
    • Valid Passport
    • Must be able to demonstrate that you are authorized to work in the US

    PSA interview gouge.



    List at ticket counter or gate. CASS participant.

    PSA Airlines PAYSCALES

    20 213     
    19 213     
    18 210     
    17 206     
    16 202     
    15 198     
    14 195     
    13 191     
    12 187     
    11 183     
    10 180     
    9 176     
    8 172     
    7 168     
    6 165     
    5 161     
    4 157     
    3 153     
    2 150     
    1 146     
    15 108     
    14 108     
    13 108     
    12 108     
    11 108     
    10 108     
    9 108     
    8 108     
    7 108     
    6 108     
    5 108     
    4 108     
    3 105     
    2 97     
    1 90     

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    Pay Rate:

    Credit Time:

    Bid Periods:



    Monthly guarantee: 75 hours

    Reserve guarantee: 75 hours


    Domestic Per Diem (Hourly): $1.75

    International Per Diem (Hourly): $1.75



    Years. Company Contribute. Company Match 

    6mos-5yrs: 1.5% of compensation 50% of 2% 

    5-7: 2% of compensation 50% of 4% 

    7-10: 2.5% of compensation. 50% of 8% 

    10+: 3.5 % of compensation 75% of 8%

    401K Matching: Yes

    A/B Fund:



    Profit sharing