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Republic Airways

Indianapolis, IN

  • Opportunity to earn up to $100k in sign-on bonuses to Direct Entry Captains upon successful completion of Captain Operating Experience (Captain OE)
  • Now hiring full and part time Flight Instructors with Part 121 experience. Earn up to $60,000 in bonuses.
  • Republic Airways is the largest operator of Embraer E-Jets with a growing fleet that currently includes 221 E170/175s 
  • Longest codeshare CPAs in the industry operating for American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines 
  • Republic Airways announces plans to construct a new aviation campus, opening in 2023:
  • Republic Signed Letter of Intent for 100 Embraer E175 Aircrafts. Delivery began in 2020.
  • 401(k) immediate defined contribution
  • Company-supplied uniforms annually, luggage, annual shoe stipend, annual medical stipend and a new iPad as an EFB
  • Monthly Performance Bonuses based on CCF, CD0 and A14 targets paid on quarterly basis
  • Features some of the most comprehensive soft pay opportunities for pilots in the regional industry.
  • Current contract voted in October 2022 features some of the most comprehensive soft pay opportunities for pilots in the regional industry.
  • Current contract voted in October 2022 features some of the most comprehensive soft pay opportunities for pilots in the regional industry.
  • Founded in 1974
  • Headquartered in Indianapolis, IN
  • 7,000 aviation professionals, including approximately 2500 pilots
  • Republic operates approximately 1,000 daily flights in more than 40 US locations in the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean, the Bahamas, and Latin America
  • ATC callsign: "Brickyard"
  • All employees receive flight privileges on American, Delta and United as well as more than 50 other airlines with which Republic has formed alliances
  • This page last updated: March 13, 2023  (Pay Notes)

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Total: 2500
Active: 2500
Furloughed: 0
EMB170: 62
EMB175: 159
Is Hiring?: Yes

Up to $60,000 in sign on bonuses for captain ready pilots. Upgrades available in all bases in 2022.

- ATP written

- 1,500 TT fixed wing (R-ATP 1000 TT or 1,250 TT) 

- 25 ME

- 75 instrument

- 200 cross country 

- 100 night

- 250 PIC

- ATP-CTP costs covered

Aviation Pipeline programs:

Republic offers one of the most comprehensive Cadet opportunities for aspiring airline pilots, offering a conditional offer of employment as early as students complete their instrument or commercial rating through its RJet cadet program. Pilots are not committed or contractually obligated to Republic in this program while having the perks of a priority class date selection, mentorship opportunities, expenses-paid onsite visits to our IND headquarters and more. 

Cadets qualify to apply for the RJet Ambassador program, a program for selected students to serve as brand ambassadors on their respective campuses through outreach and programs. Ambassadors are part-time employees of Republic and earn a $200 stipend each month along with flight benefits and company seniority (not pilot seniority). Only RJet Cadets are given the opportunity to apply for the Ambassador position. 

For information on upcoming Recruitment Events please visit

In May 2018, Republic opened the Leadership In Flight Training (LIFT) Academy, a commercial aviation pilot training school in Indianapolis. Graduates have a direct pathway to a job as a First Officer at Republic. Learn more at  


List with codeshare, as applicable. Unlimited jumpseaters. CASS participant.

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Pay Rate:

Credit Time:

Bid Periods:



Monthly guarantee: 75 hours

Reserve guarantee: 75 hours

Minimum days off: 12 (lineholders); 12 (reserve)

Free basic life, dental and vision insurance.

All new hires get a 4% defined contribution to 401k, free basic life, dental and vision insurance.

Monthly performance bonus paid out on a quarterly basis 

Leg by leg cancellation pay

Company rental car provided on overnights scheduled 26 hours or greater

All pilots receive uniforms and luggage at no cost as new hires and annually thereafter

Long Call reserved is a 12-hour call-out, short call is 2 hours

Premium pay on open time pairings is a colored flag system in the new CBA. Red flag is 200% pay, yellow flag 150%, green pay is straight 100% pay

100% Deadhead Pay


2.25 for domestic and 2.80 for international



Up to 12% match defined contribution.

401K Matching: Yes

A/B Fund:



*dependent on year of service