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Shiny Jet Syndrome

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Don't fall victim to the Shiny Jet Syndrome - demand to paid what you're worth.  

Midway Island Overview

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Overview of Midway Island from FL340 on a Westerly track. 

Qantas Flt. 30 Photos

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The flight left Hong Kong on July 25, 2008 shortly after 9:00 am HKT (0100 UTC).[6] About an hour after departure, passengers heard a loud bang; the cabin de-pressurized and a hole in the floor of the passenger deck appeared, as well as a hole in the outside wall of the cargo deck. During the emergency, parts of the aircraft's floor and ceiling collapsed.  Passengers reported that, despite the noise and the deployment of the oxygen masks, there was very little panic. The pilot rapidly descended from 29,000 feet to 10,000 feet to ensure a good oxygen supply for the passengers. On July 27, 2008, it was reported that passengers claimed that some oxygen masks did not deploy, whilst others had deteriorated elastic. Consequently, it was reported that one passenger smashed a panel of the ceiling to attempt to gain access to the masks. It was stated that these passengers were deprived of oxygen until the plane was lowered to a breathable altitude. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau will interview passengers who reported problems with the oxygen masks as part of their investigation. The US National Transportation Safety Board stated that the hole was approximately 1.5 metres in size on the right side of the fuselage, below cabin floor level and immediately forward of the wing. The wing-fuselage fairing is missing. A large portion of the outer skin and a smaller portion of the inner wall of the fuselage were missing, revealing baggage inside the cargo deck. The airline, in a news release, said there were no reports of injuries. Source: Wikipedia