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Pre-Interview Checklist

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Sample Military Pilot Resume

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Electronic Logbook II (.xls)

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Note that there are two worksheets within this logbook: 1) Totals: personal data and totals 2) Flight log: logbook with totals at the top. 

Electronic Logbook (.xls)

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Pilot Job Search Worksheet

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Sample of Different Fonts

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Military Flight Time Conversion Program

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This program should be used as a tool for converting military flight time to civilian time.  It uses the best data available (as of 30 Nov 06) to come up with the formulas contained herein.  We don't take responsibility for any problems that might come up prior to, during, or after an airline interview.  Use this product with discretion, as it is only a guide and an attempt to simplify this problem.  As with all content on the APC site we value your feedback.

Sample Civilian Pilot Resume

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Military Flight Time Conversion

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Military Flight Time Conversion spread sheet with specific sections for Delta, Continental, Southwest, UPS, and FedEx.

Sample Thank You Letter

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Sample Civilian Cover Letter

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Sample Resignation Letter

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Sample Military Pilot Cover Letter

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