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Aviation Epidemic: What a Shortage of Commercial Pilots Will Do to the Industry

Published: 03-03-2015

The airline industry is expected to face a new set of challenges in the coming years due to a shortage of commercial pilots. There are only a handful of aviation colleges in the U.S. and their graduating classes tend to be very small. At Western Michigan University’s College of Aviation, for example, graduating classes consist of approximately 150 students every year. U.S. Aviation colleges simply are not turning out enough graduates to fill the industry’s need.

Dave Powell, Dean of WMU’s College of Aviation recently stated that, “…the number of pilots being produced that actually wanted to go into this profession has slowed down significantly mainly because the pay is so bad”.

Though pilot pay is on the rise, the return on investment remains staggeringly low. Many aviation programs charge up to $100,000 to be certified to fly commercial aircrafts. Some recent graduates make as little as $20,000 each year, with significant raises only offered after years in the industry.

Despite an 11% increase in aviation students, universities are finding it difficult to meet the industry demand for pilots. U.S. aviation schools are turning out around 2,000 pilots a year when the industry is calling for 5,000 pilots annually. Many commercial airplanes on major airlines are parked at airports the better part of the week. Regional carriers are cutting down on number of flights because they don’t have enough pilots.

With most of the world’s trained pilots originating in the U.S., the global increase in demand for pilots is out-pacing the supply. Deregulation in the 1970’s slowed the growth of the profession, yet projections state that nearly 20,000 pilots will be needed in the next few years. It is unclear if the industry will be able to meet this demand.

Airline Industry to Profit in 2015

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Unraveling the Mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

Published: 03-20-2014
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The 40th Annual Sun 'n Fun Fly-in and Expo

Published: 03-19-2014
As this year marks the 100th anniversary of commercial aviation, the industry celebrates its history and future at the 40th annual Sun`n Fun Fly-In and Expo in Lakeland, Florida from April 1-6.

Some Medical Relief From The FAA

Published: 07-10-2013
In April, a new program from FAA Medical in Oklahoma City was quietly rolled out. It has big implications for many pilots, and will no doubt speed up the medical issuance process. But, of course, there are pitfalls too!

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Take Control of Your World

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PilotFAR & PilotAIM now iPad native

Published: 07-02-2010
Aviation iPhone app developer Nick Hodapp of Seattle based CoDeveloper announced the release of the iPad version of the popular PilotFAR and PilotAIM apps.  PilotFAR includes ALL of CFR Title 14, CFR Title 49,Part 830 (?NTSB 830?), and applicable SFARs. PilotAIM includes the complete text and illustrations of the Airmans information manual.  The ability to search, customize, bookmark, and share the entire set of FARs and AIM make these apps essential for any pilot's iPad.

Pilot Furlough Survey

Published: 01-07-2010
This survey is to aggregate the number of furloughed pilots, then publish an estimate of the total number of furloughed pilots as a percentage of the total pilot workforce.

Plan B - Alternatives to Furlough

Published: 01-04-2010
It's important to create passive income and build personal wealth for future economic downturns.

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