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Jumpseating: Got Etiquette?

Published: 07-07-2006
Jumpseating is a professional courtesy among airline pilots, and one of the best benefits of being a pilot.  It is used to commute to and from work and for leisure travel. The captain is the final authority as to who rides and is not to be challenged for any reason. If denied a jumpseat, say "thanks anyway" and try a different flight.

ID Theft

Published: 05-24-2006
What should I do if my personal information has been lost or stolen? If you've lost personal information or identification, or if it has been stolen from you, taking certain steps quickly can minimize the potential for identity theft Financial accounts: Close accounts, like credit cards and bank accounts, immediately. When you open new accounts, place passwords on them. Avoid using your mother's maiden name, your birth date, the last four digits of your Social Security number or your phone number, or a series of consecutive numbers.

Military Leave

Published: 05-24-2006
USERRA is codified in Title 38, United States Code, Sections 4301 through 4333. It applies to all employers and is intended to minimize the disruption that military service can cause to both employers and employees.

Which Font to Use In Your Resume?

Published: 05-24-2006
For our profession as airline pilots, it's smart to be conservative in your choice. The font you decide on gives your resume a particular personality.

The Whitlow Letter

Published: 05-24-2006
Lots of folks have heard the name, but what is the Whitlow letter and how does it apply to our operations here at UPS? James Whitlow served as the Deputy Chief Counsel for the FAA and on November 20, 2000, he provided an interpretation of FAR 121.471 which is known as the Whitlowletter. It came in response to an October 15, 2000 episode of 60Minutes titled Sleepless in the Cockpit. Whitlow responded to several questions posed by the Allied Pilots Association and clarified several gray areas. In particular, he noted that under existing regulations, flight time is limited to eight hours a duty period but may be exceeded in actual operation due to circumstances beyond the control of the carrier.

Video Tutorials

Published: 05-24-2006
APC now offers free video tutorials (link) on drafting airline pilot cover letters, resumes, thank you letters, and more. As a vital part of your job search and career progression, these documents shape the initial perception a future airline has of you-- and APC wants yours to be in top shape.As an

Internal Referrals and Your Cover Letter

Published: 05-24-2006
You are probably already aware of how critically important the role personal connections play in your job search. So if you are applying to an airline with whom you have a good contact who's willing to recommend you for employment, you should draft the cover letter differently.

How Long to a Captain Upgrade?

Published: 05-24-2006
On most of the airlines' pages in our database, APC includes a notation of "Most junior captain hired: (date)." This info is valuable for a few reasons. It shows how long it has taken the most junior captain at the airline currently to reach that seat. Simply subtract the date of hire from the date today, and you'll know approximately how many years it's taking new captains to upgrade.

Effective Pilot Cover Letter Phrases

Published: 05-24-2006
Having writer's block, or just can't find that perfect phrase for your resume cover letter? Well, APC has you covered. Review the following pilot-specific cover letter phrases and you will be well on your way to writing an effective cover letter.

Pilot e-resumes

Published: 05-24-2006
E-resumes are the current trend with pilot employers, with more and more companies moving away from paper. Fortunately this benefits pilot applicants.  Your information is now delivered within seconds instead of days, time and expense to print and mail your resume is eliminated, and your information now often sits in an employer-searchable database. 

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