Pilot Resume Mistakes to Avoid

Published: 10-31-2006
Avoid making these all too common mistakes on your pilot resume.


  • Listing your Social Security number (not safe, and not required when initially sending in a resume)
  • Including personal data like marital status, height, hobbies, etc
  • Citing "availability" unless it's nonstandard (military, or more than a month away)
  • Using wordy job descriptions when one sentence will do
  • Listing every airplane you've ever flown (only list those that add value to your resume)
  • Forgeting to include an email address
  • Neglecting to mention a furlough (helps explain a gap in your job history)
  • Including irrelevant pilot hour breakdowns for given airline (unless a stated "minimum")
  • Not using contrast in the resume (bold headlines, different sized fonts, white space between sections, etc)
  • Printing out the resume on normal paper (heavy weight resume paper can be purchased at Staples, Target, etc)
  • Using any resume paper color other than white or off-white
  • Not catching spelling and grammatical errors
  • Lying-- only to later get caught, and fired
  • Stating the reason you left a company (that's explained in an interview)
  • Using personal pronouns like I, me, and my
  • Creating a resume more than one page long, unless your career is very long and cannot be condensed to one page
  • Listing your high school
  • Including a photo
  • Creating one blanket resume covering every single airline you're applying to
  • Including copies or your licenses, medical, and transcripts (that's what the interview is for)
  • Having any stains or marks on your resume

A thoughtful review of your resume could make the difference between getting an interview or not. It's your first chance to make a good impression to the airline, so take a few extra minutes to make sure your resume looks professional.

-Team APC

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