Aircraft Emergency Slide Deploys INSIDE Cabin

Published: 06-19-2023
Delta flight 520 had some interesting problems...

Photo by Ramses Cabello on Unsplash

Photo by Ramses Cabello on Unsplash

Commercial airline pilots know that many things can go wrong on an aircraft. Pilots and maintenance crew are trained to notice any potential issues with the airplane.

Incidents do still occur, however, and a particularly odd and scary event happened on Delta flight 520 from New York to Los Angeles.

First, the flight had to make an unscheduled landing in Salt Lake City due to a mechanical problem. While in Salt Lake City, the passengers deplaned and then boarded again.

After reboarding, the emergency slide deployed inside the cabin. The scene looked as if parts of the plane simply “collapsed”, according to one passenger.

The 168 passengers then deboarded once again, and Delta put them on a different aircraft.

The deployment of the emergency slide injured a crew member. That person was taken to the hospital and later discharged.

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