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Published: 06-13-2009
Apple's iPhone as been in the news lately with the announcement of the mobile device's 3rd OS upgrade.

Apple's iPhone as been in the news lately with the announcement of the mobile device's 3rd OS upgrade. This newest upgrade, available June 19th, will provide "hundreds of new features" to both users and developers. While all current apps in the iTunes store must be compatible with OS3, we expect that the full potential of the new OS will start to trickle from app-makers late this summer and into the fall.

For now, we'd like to high lite a few of our favorite aviation related iPhone Apps.

Flogger Mobile Flight Log Book

Publisher: 2nd City Software

Flogger is a mobile pilot's flight logbook application. Flogger is designed to easily record the relevant information for all your flights, easily manage multiple logbooks, and easily backup your log book to provide access via another computer. I've used this lookbook app or a few trips and I've since icked flogger as my "redbook" replacement. The ability to backup on the fly to Google Docs is a huge plus!


Publisher: CoDeveloper

PilotFAR is the company's Federal Aviation Regulation application. More than just an eBook, PilotFAR includes all the common CFR Part 14 regulations useful for pilots, in an easy to navigate format. The main screen is essentially a table-of-contents with a scrolling list of FAR section entries, subdivided by Parts and Subparts. An index feature makes it easy to jump quickly to any Part. Tapping on an entry changes the screen to display a nicely formatted (and indented) display of the section, making it easy to follow the flow of complex sections. The interface for browsing through FAR's is optimized as well. From any entry just tap the next or previous buttons and the screen slides away to display the next or previous entry.


Publisher: CoDeveloper

PilotAIM is the newest member of the series and was released in late December 2008. Built on the same platform as PilotFAR, PilotAIM includes the complete text and images of chapters 1 through 10 of the FAA's Aeronautical Information Manual. Again, all text is searchable, and a bookmark feature is available.

Crew Rest

Publsher: Serge Ostrowsky

This one is a guilty pleasure for sure, but is mazinly useful at 3am bodyclock time when your a dozen timezones away from home. CrewRest helps compute rest times ON BOARD and is intended for both Cabin and Cockpit Crews...

Enter OFF time and estimated FMC ON time and how many breaks you want and Crew Rest will do the math.

Flight Control

Publisher: Firemint

Flight Control is a delightful action/strategy game for iPhone and iPod Touch that is as simple as it is wickedly addictive. Touch and drag your aircraft to their landing zones, and avoid mid-air collisions. It sounds easy, but as more and more planes enter your airspace, it becomes a delicate balancing act to keep them separated.

Airline Pilot Apps lists many more apps, and is adding more each day! If you're a pilot, and own an iPhone - you owe it to yourself to check out Airline Pilot Apps. You can also follow new listings from your Twitter account:

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