American Airlines Grows Fleet with Order of 260 Aircraft

Published: 03-19-2024
What will American Airlines pilots be flying?

American Airlines Grows Fleet with Order of 260 Aircraft

American Airlines Grows Fleet with Order of 260 Aircraft

If you’re a commercial airline pilot for American Airlines, you may be wondering what you’ll be flying for the immediate future. American Airlines recently made a large order of aircraft which should help you answer this question.

American Airlines’ order consists of at least 260 planes, mostly narrowbody jets. Here is the breakdown:

  • 85 Airbus A321neos

  • 85 Boeing 737 MAX 10

  • 90 Embraer E175s

The deal includes options and purchase rights for another 193 aircraft, including:

  • 75 MAX 10s

  • 43 E175s

  • 75 potential aircraft from Airbus

Of note, American Airlines shows no slowing down with the 737 MAX, despite a rash of bad press for Boeing. American even upgauged another 30 existing 737-8 orders to 737-10s, despite the -10s lack of certification.

American also announced it will start retrofitting the A319 and A320 planes in its fleets to expand the first-class area and increase the number of first-class seats.

All of these aircraft are expected to be delivered from 2025 through 2029. With these current additions, American Airlines currently has 440 aircraft on order to expand their fleet and replace any potential retirees.

This order of 260 new aircraft confirms the carrier’s expected growth, and it will also allow domestic and short-haul international routes to enjoy the new planes.

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