Biden Administration Asks Airlines to End Family Seating Charges

Published: 03-19-2023
Will airlines end family seating charges? Will this lead to more families traveling together this summer?

Photo by Jochen van Wylick on Unsplash

Photo by Jochen van Wylick on Unsplash

President Biden is on mission to end junk fees. Although this goal may not result in major changes for Americans who are struggling to make ends meet, every little bit helps.

As part of his dedication to eliminating these small fees, Biden’s Department of Transportation has requested that airlines end the practice of charging family seating fees.

Some U.S. airlines have agreed to eliminate these family seating fees if adjacent seats are open during the booking process. According to Reuters, three airlines that will guarantee the ability to book seats as a family include American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and Frontier Airlines.

CNN recently reported that United Airlines will also roll out a new seating chart for family seating as well as the ability to change flights if no appropriate seating is available.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg commented, "We have been pressing airlines to guarantee family seating without tacking on extra charges, and now we’re seeing some airlines start to make this common-sense change.”

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