Boeing Raises its Predicted Pilot Demand

Published: 07-25-2017
Boeing has raised its forecast on the demand for pilots in the next two decades.

In its 2017 Pilot and Technician Outlook, Boeing says it is expecting a demand for 637,000 new commercial airline pilots between 2017 and 2036, this is a 3.2% increase over its 2016 outlook.

Close to 40% of those pilots will go to Asia Pacific, 18% to North America and 17% to Europe.

The demand will grow as the industry adds over 40,000 new aircraft by 2036, driven by the recent economic growth, increased consumer spending, growing middle classes, and the changing airline business models.

Boeing is also forecasting a need for 648,000 new commercial airline maintenance technicians, down 4.6% from its forecast a year ago. The manufacturer attributes this to the reduction in maintenance hours required on the 737 Max.

Similarly, Asia Pacific leads in the demand for new technicians, accounting for 256,000. This is followed by North America (118,000) and Europe (111,000).

The company has also forecasted a demand for 839,000 new cabin crew members. Ultimately, the economic growth, especially in the airline industry, is showing a positive jump in needed jobs for the near future.

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