Breeze Airways Launch Delayed Until Next Year

Published: 08-17-2020
Will this app-based airline change the industry?

Breeze Airways, an inexpensive airline modeled after companies like Uber, was set to launch this year. The global pandemic, however, has delayed the anticipated carrier until 2021.

When the airline finally launches, the heavily tech-integrated company is designed to keep operational expenses relatively low. In this article, we take a look at what Breeze Airways.

An Experienced Founder

Breeze Airlines was founded by David Neeleman, a successful entrepreneur that has co-founded four other airlines, including JetBlue. Neeleman wanted to capitalize on his experience by finding a way to increase domestic travel in the United States. Breeze Airways is the result of his brainstorming

If you’re interested in stocks, however, it may be difficult to find Breeze Airways. The stock for the company is actually MXY, or MOXY, reflecting the original name of the airline – Moxy Airways. The name was changed to Breeze Airways earlier this year.

What is Breeze Airways?

Dubbed the "World’s Nicest Airline” by Neeleman, Breeze is designed to keep the majority of the flight booking and travel process streamlined in a point-to-point network. Flights will travel directly between cities, particularly at smaller underused airports, rather than via a central hub.

Breeze promises low costs for passengers with four tiers of classes available with various upgrades. What exactly he means by the “nicest” airline is yet to be seen.

Additionally, the business model Breeze Airways resembles is that of Lyft or Uber. Most passenger tasks can be accomplished with an app. To get a better idea of what this would look like, here are a few examples:

  • Customer service will include an online FAQ and guide available through the app

  • No queue at check-in.

  • Printing a boarding pass would become obsolete. Boarding passes available through the app.

  • Bag checks done via a smartphone.

  • Purchasing a ticket or getting a refund would be handled via the app dashboard.

If everything goes as planned, the system would likely require less than 55 people to be at each airport. Which means operation expenses could be kept to a bare minimum.

What This Means For Pilots

Breeze Airways is a new start-up and that means additional employment opportunities for commercial airline pilots. For pilots concerned about the effect of the virus on travel, a new inexpensive option for passengers may help increase travel in the future. Although this is a new company withthe typical risks of a start-up, only 50 passengers are needed for the airline to break even on a flight.

In the long-term, Breeze Airways plans to use the Airbus 220, but they will initially utilize the Embraer E195. As of date, Breeze is working on roughly 500 city pairings for direct flight routes.

If Breeze can keep up their promise of low costs and ease-of-use, Neeleman may have another success on his hands.

If you are interested in learning more about Breeze Airways, check out the airline’s website located here.

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