FAA Predicts Summer of East Coast Delays

Published: 04-03-2023
Delays and shakeups are coming. What does the FAA have to say?

Photo by H. Kamran on Unsplash

Photo by H. Kamran on Unsplash

The FAA has released a new prediction for summer 2023, and the forecast is: delays. A new announcement from the FAA says that there may be a 45% increase in flight delays at popular East Coast airports, such as in NYC and DC.

The 45% increase is compared to last summer, which also experienced massive delays. New York airports reported over 40,000 delays in summer 2022

These delays continue a trend of disruption in the airline industry in the wake of the pandemic. After pandemic-related furloughs and a contraction in travel, airlines now point to staffing shortages as the reason for flight delays and cancellations.

Commercial airline pilots remain in high demand, but so do other aviation-related occupations such as air traffic controllers and maintenance workers.

The FAA has once again decided to waive their regulation around slots taken by carriers at airports in NY and DC. Under normal circumstances, carriers must use their valuable space at least 80% of the time. During this summer of delays, the FAA will allow carriers to turn in up to 10% of their slots used for takeoffs and landings for others to utilize.

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