Flying To and From Florida? Take this Route

Published: 11-13-2022
The FAA releases new guidance to encourage flights over the water.

Photo by Quick PS on Unsplash

Photo by Quick PS on Unsplash

The FAA is expecting a busy holiday travel season. Passengers are paying high prices and planning their trips around the most expensive flying days, and airlines must also plan their trips carefully.

According to the FAA, one major route to plan for is over the water on the path between North Carolina and Florida. The FAA has determined that this particular path, over the Atlantic coast, has been underused in previous holiday seasons.

With the high volume of air traffic expected for Winter 2022, the FAA is instructing airlines to prepare their aircraft for the over-water flights. This means taking additional precautions, such as equipping the planes with additional life rafts.

Traveling over the water will help alleviate the air congestion over the mainland. The Department of Transportation has noted that the summer season suffered many delays and cancellations, and this problem could be reduced by using lesser-used flight paths.

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