Have You Considered These 5 Jobs for Pilots?

Published: 12-03-2018
If commercial airlines aren't for you, here are 5 jobs for pilots to consider.

For many pilots, getting a job means flying for a commercial airline. The work for commercial airlines can vary, and there is a difference between flying passenger and flying freight. Flying commercial airlines is a comfortable job that pays well, and airline pilots tend to settle into some sort of routine after a while.

But what if flying commercial isn’t your dream job? What if you took to the skies for a different kind of experience?

Here are 5 jobs for pilots that you may not have considered:

Banner Towing

If you’ve ever looked to the sky and seen a message asking for Jane’s hand in marriage, then you know what banner towing is. With super short messages, it’s basically Twitter in the air.

Flying advertisements or personal messages across the sky is a job, and it’s one that only a pilot can do. Pilots who tow banners do so in lighter aircraft, and aside from flying, the job is rather simple. You use tow hooks to attach the banner, unfurl it in the air, and then drop the banner before landing.

Hurricane Hunters

If you want a kick of adrenaline, then maybe you should be a hurricane hunter for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Hurricane hunters require specific training for storms, and they fly directly into the eye of a hurricane. This job for pilots can be anxiety-inducing, but also exciting.

With our shifting climate causing even more extreme storms in areas like Houston and Puerto Rico, the job of a hurricane hunter can gather critical information that can save lives.

Corporate pilot

While commercial pilots can settle into a routine, the corporate pilot is always on their toes. Every day can be different.

Corporate pilots make good money flying private jets. These planes are owned by corporations, and the pilots are often required to fly to a variety of locations all around the world.

Herd Management

Pilots that manage and track herds usually work for wildlife organizations or large ranches. These groups need to track animals across a vast area of space, and a jeep just won’t cut it.

As a herd management pilot, you can fly with scientists and pick up knowledge about the animals while you’re there. The plane is usually equipped with cameras and devices that can even read the heat signatures of the animals.

Certified Flight Instructor

For some pilots, the greatest joy is teaching others to fly. The certified flight instructor is exactly what it sounds like.

Being an instructor means you don’t have to travel all over the world, but you can still experience the joys of flying. As with any job for pilots, certain requirements must be met before you can become an instructor. But if you enjoy sharing your knowledge, then this is the job for you.

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