Iraqi Airlines Hoping to Lift Blacklisting From European Airspace

Published: 06-27-2018
Iraqi Airways is dismayed at the continuing European blacklisting of its operation, but is hoping that restrictions will start being lifted before the end of this year.

The European Commission blacklisted the Iraqi flag-carrier in 2015, and it remains one of only five airlines individually barred from European airspace.

Iraqi Airways is expressing "surprise" that the ban has been maintained during the latest blacklist revision, disclosed on 14 June, and claims the situation is "unfair".

Director general Miran Farid says the European authorities have been opting against sending inspectors to review the carrier's operations, citing security concerns in Iraq.

Farid says the carrier has been using third-party carriers for more than two years to support its operations.

Negotiations are taking place, he states, to establish a process by which inspections can be carried out, with a view to restrictions being eased around November this year.

Iraqi Airways was turned down for a third-party authorization by the European Aviation Safety Agency, after failing to respond to safety concerns and provide sufficient safety-related information.

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