JetBlue Turns to UV For Sanitation Purposes

Published: 08-10-2020
Is this the future of aircraft cleaning?

With the pandemic continuing, especially in the US, airlines are turning to new methods to keep their passengers safe. JetBlue is now using UV, or Ultraviolet, light to improve sanitation practices.

If proven successful, the airliner may start utilizing the technique in the cabin on an ongoing basis. The decision to test UV sanitation was announced as a recebt report revealed that roughly a half of survey participants stated they were hesitant about flying during the pandemic.

Because JetBlue is the second major carrier to explore UV sanitation, the technology may become more commonplace.

Keeping Surfaces Sanitary with UV – COVID-19

Ultraviolet light has been used for many years to combat bacteria and viruses. But can UV light kill the COVID-19 virus? The short answer is yes.

Stopping coronavirus takes a lot of exposure and the use of short-wavetlength UV ray, but the technology works. The rays damage the DNA and RNA of the virus, effectively stopping it dead in its tracks.

JetBlue Will Use UV

According to NBC, JetBlue became the first airline in the country to use UV to combat the virus. The airline is testing the new sanitation equipment at JFK Airport in NY and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida.

JetBlue will be using a UV Cabin System, made by Honeywell. This device will travel through the aisles like a beverage cart and extend its arms across the rows of seats to disinfect surfaces with UV light.

Fortunately, the device is reported to only need less than 10 minutes to neutralize potentially hazardous microbes in the aircraft. JetBlue is scheduled to test the technology for 90 days.

Because the devices can be quickly wheeled on and off the plane, pilots may even notice less downtime, as these UV robots will clean a cabin faster than conventional methods.

Have you seen these devices at work? Do you feel safer with UV cleaning methods? Let us know in our forums.

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