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Published: 01-07-2011
In this article we'll take a look at 3 pilots who have found success, in addition to flying.

www.alohawailea.comErin Carey, three-time airline furloghee, was featured in a previous article and we followed up to find out what she's been doing the past year. Through her website www.mauicondos411.com she has facilitated several renovations in Maui (with more scheduled in 2011), as a project manager for Maui Condo Owners living in the mainland. She has been hired to coordinate all aspects of the remodel and finds this is especially important when dealing with various sub-contractors. Erin was even able to assist another pilot through the process of purchasing an investment property. He has been successfully covering his costs since closing. You can view her personal properties that are successful vacation rentals at www.alohawailea.com.

Keary Bevan
is a cargo pilot based in Los Angeles. After 9 years his dream became reality when National Geographic picked up his documentary on bush pilots in Alaska. He filmed all of the footage and re-submitted his 4 minute pilot show in 2010. This hard work was recognized and July was spent with the same film crew that has shot portions of "Deadliest Catch." You can watch "Alaska Wingmen" on Monday, January 10th on National Geographic TV (NGTV). Three episodes will premier from 7-8pm, 8-9pm & 9-10pm. We hope to see more episodes in the future from this talented producer.

Michael McCoy, Executive Producer: Airline Pilot Update, has been flying professionally for over 11 years. He's followed the publishing advice of "go with what you know" and created the most popular professional pilot podcast in the world. Michael has flown in the Airlines, Corporate Flight Departments as well as Executive Charter, and has also been a contributor to aviation related stories for both NBC and CBS.

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