The FAA is looking for new help

Published: 07-11-2017
New Air Traffic Controllers Needed by the FAA

The FAA is accepting applications for entry-level air traffic controller positions starting July 14, 2017.

The government agency is hoping to fill 1,400 jobs as soon as possible.

Applicants must meet minimum qualifications and other eligibility requirements, agency officials noted in their official statement.

Applicants will be separated into two groups of potential candidates. The first will include graduates of an institution participating in the Collegiate Training Initiative program who provide an appropriate recommendation, as well as eligible veterans. Individuals who qualify for the first group are not required to take a biographical test.

The second group includes the general public.

Air Traffic Control Specialists are responsible for the safe, orderly, and efficient movement of air traffic through the country’s airspace. Trainees spend their first several months of employment in a training program at the FAA Academy located in Oklahoma City, and continue their training once they are placed at a facility.

Controllers receive a range of training in controlling and separating live air traffic within designated airspace at and around an air traffic control tower or radar approach control facility, or an air route traffic control center.

If interested, please visit the FAA's official website for more information.

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