5 Mobile Apps Every Pilot Should Know About

Published: 10-21-2015
As a pilot you’re mobile most of the time, so we’ve found five apps for your smartphone that are made just for you and at least one of them may save your life one day.

Full disclosure: we have no business relationship with any of these companies and receive no compensation if you download any of the apps.

ForeFlight Mobile

Revolutionizing the way we fly, Foreflight Mobile is the one-stop app for pilots. Inside the app, pilots will find surface maps, fuel prices, flight-planning tools, flight support, electronic flight bags, navigation charts, flight notifications and more. It’s not difficult to see why Foreflight won the Flying Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award three years in a row and was the best selling iPad aviation app for four straight years. Pilots worldwide depend on Foreflight through every phase of flight.


Xavion may be the most helpful app inside the cockpit. If you worry about what can go wrong during a flight, Xavion is there to ease your mind. During a flight, Xavion will constantly track every runway in gliding range and plot the best path there just in case something goes wrong. Xavion considers many factors during these scenarios, including runway length, runway width, headwind, tailwind, crosswind, and weather. Once it picks a runway, it will display the best approach through 3-D hoops to simplify the gliding process. You can breathe easy now!

MyRadar Weather Radar - Google Play Store

According to the FAA, “weather is the primary contributing factor in 23 percent of all aviation accidents”. MyRadar Weather Radar aims to be the most accurate weather app to keep you up-to-date and avoid those nasty conditions. It’s pilot-friendly features such as TFR display and AIR/SIGMET overlays have made it a staple amongst the aviation community. MyRadar currently only shows weather within the U.S., including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

LogTen Pro X: The Pilot Logbook

Your search for an advanced pilot logbook will likely come to an end with LogTen Pro X. Hailed as the most advanced pilot logbook on mobile, LogTen Pro X changes the way pilots log their flights. Their Fly Now feature is a tap-and-go system, where pilots essentially tap a button to start and stop their flight log. The app will automatically determine the departure and destination airports based on the iPad's or iPhone’s GPS, and calculate the total time of the trip. Once finished, it will load it onto the iCloud to sync between your laptop and mobile devices.

Airports - Google Play Store

With over 10,000 airports in their database and runway data for most major airports, Airports is an airport directory that allows pilots to plan their flights. Airports’ key features include a world wide VOLMET station list, NOTAMs, SNOWTAM decoder, METAR and TAF reports, the ability to add notes for frequently visited airports, and online satellite images for all airports.

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