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Disgruntled Pilots Look to Switch Unions

Published: 10-26-2016
A group of unhappy pilots from American Airlines are looking to make a change.

A Major Airline is Training Pilots with Zero Experience

Published: 10-11-2016
Hoping to become a pilot for a major airline, but have little-to-no flight experience?

FAA May Lower Flight Time Requirements for First Officers

Published: 09-21-2016
A new proposal could allow pilots with as little as 500 hours of experience to fly for a commercial airline.

Union Rejects Latest Contract Proposal

Published: 08-25-2016
Both sides continue to remain far apart.

Pilots Feel the Pressure to Speed Up Flights

Published: 08-11-2016
Pilots at a major airline have raised some safety concerns.

Talk of Strike Heats Up at Another Major Airline

Published: 07-14-2016
The latest action taken by the pilots at Delta will place pressure on the airline.

Pilots Are Saving Time with a New Texting System

Published: 06-29-2016
A new text-based system by NextGen is designed to make traveling safer and more efficient.

FAA Will Not Require Pilots to Undergo Psychological Testing

Published: 06-16-2016
The FAA will instead encourage voluntary self-reporting and provide programs to assist pilots.

Pilots Demand Higher Pay, Threaten to Strike

Published: 06-01-2016
Pilots at Hawaiian Airlines and other airlines are unhappy with their compensation.

3 Biggest Stories in the Airline Industry Today

Published: 05-12-2016
Covering the airline industry's latest news - from customer satisfaction rankings to breastfeeding policies for pilots.

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